Should You Buy a Display Home?

by Carlisle Homes


Like the idea of moving straight into a luxury, near-new home, without having to undergo the building process? If so, consider buying a display home.

Have you ever considered buying a display home? It can be a smart move in a number of ways; you get the benefit of a home that’s built to the highest specifications with very little wear and tear that showcases the latest home trends, and there’s no waiting around for it to be built. Display homes often include upgrades that aren’t included when you’re building from scratch, and come with a builder’s warranty to give you peace of mind.

You’ll also find that display homes are generally located in prime areas, making them a potentially lucrative investment, whether you’re buying to rent out or plan to live there yourself and sell down the track.

At Carlisle, we regularly offer our beautiful former display homes for sale – see our current listings here.

Read on to discover what you need to need to know about this appealing move-straight-in option.


Buying a display home can be an appealing option if you want to move in fast, without having to wait for your home to be built. Shown here: Illawarra Grand Deluxe at Clyde North (display not currently for sale).

Can you buy a display home in Melbourne?

If you’ve ever wandered through one of our beautifully appointed display homes and asked yourself: can you buy display homes? The answer is, yes you can. At Carlisle, we often list former display homes across our three ranges for sale. It’s all part of our commitment to giving more options and better care, wherever you are in your home-buying journey. 

Our displays are located in Melbourne’s most popular estates, and feature the latest design trends, premium upgrades and inclusions, along with high-quality fixtures and finishes.

Fixed appliances, cabinetry and storage fit-outs are included (where applicable), and landscaping and driveways are complete – all of which can save you money and hassle. Displays also come with our full, structural warranty so you know they are built to last.

How to buy a display home

Before buying a display home, it pays to do your research. Understand the location, amenities and reputation of the builder. Set a budget and work out your financing options.

Visit the display to get a firsthand look at its design, layout and finish. Also use the opportunity to assess the house for wear and tear.

If you’re keen to move ahead, speak to the sales consultant or builder to find out exactly what is (and isn’t) included in the price. And be sure to review the warranty and understand exactly what it covers.


Display homes for sale often feature premium upgrades and showcase the latest home trends – plus, features like built-in joinery, landscaping and the driveway are complete. Shown here: Montpellier Grand at Clyde North (display not currently for sale).

Are display homes cheaper to buy?

A display home won’t necessarily be cheaper to buy than a standard home (although it sometimes can be), but when assessing the price, you should factor in its high-quality finishes, premium upgrades and beautiful presentation. Features such as the driveway, landscaping and built-in joinery will already be complete, which can be a significant time and cost saver. 

Is buying a display home a good investment?

Buying a display home can be a wise investment. They are often located in popular areas and designed with great attention to detail, making them an appealing option for tenants. In addition, the contemporary styling and top-of-the-line finishes can command a higher rental yield.

What’s the appeal of a move-in-ready home?

The biggest allure is the time you save. When you buy a display home, there’s no need to spend time researching suitable floor plans or choosing finishes, and you’ll save months waiting for your home to be built. Once you’ve signed the contract and picked up your keys, you’re ready to move in.

What’s included in a display home?

Practically everything! At Carlisle, fixed appliances, cabinetry and storage fit-outs are included (where applicable) in the cost of our display homes, and landscaping and driveways are complete. Displays also come with our full, structural warranty so you know they are built to last.

It’s important to note that items such as furniture, TVs and art are not included in the price of our displays, unless otherwise approved and stated in the special conditions of your contract.


A display home that’s been open for viewing for some time may have experienced wear and tear, so it’s important to closely inspect features like flooring before you buy.

Things to consider

Display homes are typically designed to appeal to a wide audience, which may mean there are limited customisation options. If personalising your living area is a priority, for example, a display home may not be the best fit.

You should also consider wear and tear. Given their role as showpieces, display homes may have experienced considerable foot traffic and wear. That’s why it’s important to conduct a thorough inspection before you buy.

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