Rentvesting: A Budget-Savvy Route to Home Ownership

by Carlisle Homes

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Rentvesting can be a great option if you want to build your own property, but you’re held back by financial constraints – and with Carlisle, it’s easy.


Do you dream of stepping onto the property ladder, but find the price tag a bit daunting? Enter rentvesting – a savvy financial strategy that allows you to build a house in an area you can afford, but continue living in an area you love, even on a budget.

At Carlisle, we make it easy for you to grow your wealth by rentvesting. We offer a huge selection of contemporary homes of different sizes and budgets, over 200 different floorplans, premium inclusions, and a vast range of customisation options. And all our homes come with a 25-year structural guarantee, so you know your investment will stand strong for decades.

You’ll find great-value Carlisle house and land packages in premium estates throughout Melbourne’s booming outer suburbs, giving you the confidence of knowing that your investment is likely to grow in value over the years.

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Rentvesting is a popular investment strategy that provides an affordable way to break into the property market, while gradually growing your wealth as you continue to rent elsewhere.

So, what actually is rentvesting?

“Rentvesting means you build or buy an investment property in an area that fits your budget, while continuing to rent a home in your desired location,” says Mark Polatkesen, Director and Senior Mortgage Broker at Mortgage Domayne, Carlisle Homes’ in-house financial specialists. “So, you might build a house in one of Melbourne’s popular outer suburbs as a clever way to gradually grow your wealth, but remain in your place in the city so you’re close to work, schools and friends.”

Who does it appeal to?

“Rentvesting is an attractive option for many types of buyers, including young professionals who want to invest in real estate early in their careers without compromising on lifestyle, buyers on a tight budget who are looking for an affordable way into the property market, and those who want to build their property portfolio while still living in the city or close to family, friends, or work,” says Polatkesen.

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Rentvesting can offer additional benefits besides being a savvy way to enter the property market, including potential rental income, tax benefits, property value growth, and equity accumulation. 

How Does Rentvesting Help You Build Wealth?


Property value growth

Over time, your investment property may grow in value, which contributes to your overall wealth.

Rental income

Renting out your investment property helps offset your mortgage payments, and can make your financial commitment more manageable, particularly if you’re on a tight budget.

Equity accumulation

As you continue to make mortgage payments and the value of your house increases, you build equity. This equity can be leveraged for future property investments or other financial goals you may have.

Tax benefits

Rentvesting opens the door to potential tax benefits. Expenses related to managing your investment property, such as mortgage interest, property management fees and maintenance costs, may be deductible, providing relief on your taxable income.

Rentvest with Carlisle Homes

At Carlisle, we provide everything you need to make rentvesting easy. Choose from a huge variety of home designs to suit different budgets, over 200 different floorplans, impressive inclusions at no extra cost, and a vast array of customisation options.

All our homes come with a 25-year structural guarantee, so you know your investment property will last the distance.

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Our affordably priced EasyLiving homes are specially designed to provide a fast, simple, and fuss-free way to build a home – perfect for those looking to build a rentvestment property.

Rentvest fast!

Looking for a quick, easy, and hassle-free way to build your rentvestment? Our affordably priced EasyLiving homes will have you on-site just 12 weeks from the date your land titles, and you’ve paid your deposit, made your selections, and finalised your paperwork.

And with our easy, six-step process, your homebuilding journey couldn’t be more convenient. The straightforward process guides you all the way from setting your budget and securing finance to choosing the perfect home for your block and choosing a colour scheme.

Before you know it, you’ll be holding the keys to your investment property in your hands!

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Interested in rentvesting? Make a time to visit one of our 70+ display homes where you can have a chat with our in-house finance specialists, Mortgage Domayne. You can also contact Mortgage Domayne at or on 1300 328 045, or make an appointment to meet them at our Spectra Showroom in Mulgrave, Victoria.


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