Considering an Investment Property? What You Need to Know

by Carlisle Homes

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Buying an investment property can be a smart way to grow your wealth and generate a passive income. Here are the main things you need to know, and how Carlisle can help!

With our stable economy and strong demand for housing, investing in property in Melbourne can be a savvy financial move. It offers a low-risk way to grow your money, tax benefits, and an extra income stream that’s sure to come in handy.

If you’re thinking about buying an investment property, here are some great tips to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

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As with any big decision, having the relevant facts at hand is the key to success. Set a budget, identify high-growth areas with good transport and amenities, and learn what your target market wants in a home.

Do your research

To ensure the highest possible return on your investment, it pays to do your homework. Consider factors such as:

  • Your financials: Work out exactly what you can afford to spend on a property, factoring in extra costs such as stamp duty, council tax and land tax. Also include the cost of ongoing repairs and maintenance, and property-management fees.
  • Location: For maximum returns, look for suburbs with high growth, high rental yield and low vacancy rates. Your chosen suburb should be close to transport (ideally with an easy commute to the Melbourne CBD), shops and educational facilities. Also consider any planned changes for the area that could affect future property prices.
  • Property type: Research your target market so you know exactly what type of home prospective tenants are looking for in terms of size, layout, and features.
  • Visit our display homes: Carlisle offers more home designs than any other Melbourne builder, and many of our 80+ display homes are open seven days a week, so come explore your options, ask our in-house experts any questions, and see what you can get for your money.
  • Explore your shortlisted suburbs and estates: When it comes to assessing the liveability of a suburb or estate, nothing beats seeing and experiencing it for yourself. Before you make a decision on where to build, spend a couple of hours walking around the area to get a feel for its atmosphere and amenities.

Talk to the pros

When you’re putting your hard-earned funds into an investment property, you want to know that you’re making an informed decision. So it’s crucial to get advice from those who know what they’re talking about.

At Carlisle, we’re the experts in investment properties. We’ll provide all the guidance and support you need to ensure that your investment is a good one and will streamline the home selection and build process so you can start enjoying the benefits fast.

We’ve got over 200 stunning home designs for you to choose from – that’s more than any other Melbourne builder – so it’s easy to find the perfect investment property to suit your budget and target market.

And we offer a huge range of property investment opportunities, including new homes, house & land packages, knockdown-rebuilds and ready-built and decorated display homes.

Pop along to one of our 80+ display homes, situated right across Melbourne, and have a chat with our in-house financial specialists to get the ball rolling.

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If you’re investing, building a brand-new contemporary home is a no-brainer; for starters, you’ll save on stamp duty, plus you won’t be lumbered with the costly renovations or repairs that come with buying an older home.

Why building new is best

When you’re investing, building a brand-new contemporary home is a wise decision. There are several reasons why:

  • Government stamp duty concessions: In Victoria, you only pay stamp duty on your land as your house is not yet built, which saves you money.
  • No need for costly renovations: Unlike an older, existing home that may need expensive upgrades to suit today’s lifestyle, with a new build, you get a pristine home with a modern layout and functionality, and the finer details can be customised with minimal cost and fuss.
  • Energy efficiency: Unlike older homes, a newly built contemporary home will feature the latest energy-efficient features, like insulation and double glazing, so it’s cheaper to run and kinder on the environment – features that today’s tenants are looking for.
  • A stronger home that will last: A new home from a company like Carlisle will be built to today’s high standards using top-quality materials designed to endure for decades, so it will last longer, with less need for ongoing repairs and maintenance.

A contemporary design that attracts premium rental returns: The modern interiors and on-trend features in a new Carlisle home are likely to attract tenants who are prepared to pay more.

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With over 200 great-value home designs to pick from, a 25-year structural guarantee, and more no-cost inclusions, Carlisle is a top pick for Melbourne investors. Seen here, our Redcliffe 27 at Woodlea Display Village in Aintree.

Why savvy investors choose Carlisle

At Carlisle, we’re renowned for our investment offerings – not only do we make it easy for first-time investors, but we’ve had many successful investors return to us again and again. Here’s why:

  • 25-year structural guarantee: All our newly built homes come with a 25-year structural guarantee, so you know your investment property will last the distance.
  • Build-time guarantee: We guarantee the completion date of your investment property regardless of any changes made during construction.
  • Fixed-price up front: When building with Carlisle, there are no hidden fees or surprise costs. You get a fixed-priced contract and full transparency in all your contractual dealings with us.
  • Quality over quantity: We limit the number of homes we build to ensure that each one is of the highest quality. We have the lowest home-to-site manager ratio in the industry, which means a higher level of professionalism, construction quality and attention to detail.
  • Quality assurance program: Three months after construction of your investment property is completed, we undertake a comprehensive 100-point warranty inspection to address and rectify any issues.
  • More no-cost luxury inclusions: We believe that many inclusions should just be included in the base price of a home, rather than be considered ‘extras’. So, you get more standard inclusions from trusted, quality brands.
  • The widest range of homes: We offer over 200 home designs, giving you more choice when it comes to price, size, layout, and features than any other Melbourne builder. And we don’t just offer new builds, but house & land packages, knockdown-rebuilds, and display homes too.
  • In-house investment advice: Our in-house construction finance specialist will help you find the right property investment financial solution to build your wealth.

With Carlisle by your side, growing your wealth by investing in property is easier than you’d imagined!

Start your property-investment journey with a visit to one (or more!) of our beautiful 80+ display homes, which are located right across Melbourne. Or spend some time looking through our great-value house & land packages from the comfort of your sofa here.


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