Our Spectra Showroom: Simply the Best!  

by Carlisle Homes

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With over 3,500 of the latest and greatest products displayed within a spectacular, gallery-like space, customers call our award-winning Spectra Showroom “the best in Australia” – and as you begin the selections process for your new home, you’re about to find out why.

Choosing the finishing touches for your new Carlisle home is one of the most exciting parts of the process – it’s where you customise your interior and exterior with the perfect colours, finishes and fixtures, so your home feels truly your own. 

Which is why we set out to do things differently with our Spectra Showroom in Mulgrave, Victoria. We didn’t just want it to be the biggest in Australia, but the best in every way.

And that’s exactly what it is. The 2,500-square-metre, architect-designed showroom brings together everything you need to create your dream home under one roof – and we’ve made the selection process a joy.

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The Spectra Showroom is where you will select the finishing touches and personalise your new Carlisle home so your home feels truly your own.

You’ll be guided holistically through nine dedicated areas, including appliances, interior selections, bathrooms, and green living, so it’s easy to see how the different elements in your new home will work together. There are spectacular product displays of the latest products from the biggest home-design brands to explore, full-size kitchen and bathroom displays, and interactive online tools where you can learn more about our products. Need a moment to think through your options? There’s a café where you can grab a coffee, and a playroom for the kids.

We know that choosing things you’ll be living with for years can feel like a lot. But don’t worry – you’ll have expert help from a dedicated Carlisle design consultant right by your side, so you can ask questions, explore the various options, and make informed decisions that you feel happy about.

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Take a 3D tour of our Spectra Showroom here!

Read on to find out exactly what happens during your showroom appointments.  

First step: Spectra Group Tour

Congratulations, you’ve chosen your dream Carlisle home, and now it’s time to customise the space so it suits your personality and lifestyle to a tee!

Your first introduction to the Spectra Showroom will be a 60-minute group tour to introduce you to the space, and show you what’s available for selection. You won’t be asked to make any selections today – this is just your chance to have a good look around. 

Group tours are held on a Sunday or Tuesday afternoon. Your booking will be scheduled by your Customer Liaison Executive. We ask that you arrive five or ten minutes before the tour starts so it can get underway promptly.


Second step: Spectra Design Brief

The next step is your 90-minute Design Brief, where a Carlisle design consultant will explain how the colour selection process works. You’ll be shown all the cabinetry options, as well as our standard inclusions and upgrade options.

To make the most of this appointment, we recommend exploring our fantastic online tools, such as Spectra Online and our Facade Visualiser, ahead of time, so you’re ready with any questions about specific products, upgrades, or features.

Again, you won’t be asked to make any selections today. And please arrive five to ten minutes before your appointment so we can start promptly.

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During your Selections Appointment, your dedicated Carlisle design consultant will guide you through the showroom and help you select the perfect colours, finishes, products, and fixtures to complete your home.

Third step: Spectra Selections Appointment

Once you've signed your Pre-Contract Agreement, you'll be invited to make all your selections at your Selections appointment.

Your Selections Appointment will commence at 8:30am sharp and take a full day. Please arrive five to ten minutes before it starts, so we can get started on-time.  

A dedicated Carlisle design consultant will guide you through the showroom, and help you select the perfect colours, finishes, products, and fixtures to complete your home.

It’s a busy day, so we recommend arranging alternative care for your children so you can make the most of your appointment.

To view your appointment details, log onto your personal and secure online portal, Carlisle Connect.


Final step: Spectra Electricals Appointment

Your final appointment at the Spectra Showroom will be a two-hour Electrical Appointment with a specialist electrical consultant where you will make your electrical, networking, security, and smart-home choices.

These appointments are held on weekdays between 8:30am and 4:00pm.

See your appointment details by logging onto Carlisle Connect.

And just like that, you’re done! 

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Getting excited about your Spectra journey? Start making a shortlist of your favourite colours, finishes and fixtures ahead of your appointments by using our Spectra Online tool – it’s fun, and will save you time when you’re at the showroom.  


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