Our Best Kitchen & Bathroom Secrets

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Best Kitchen and Bathroom Secrets

Do you find yourself dreaming of a new home? Would you like more space to entertain, a larger kitchen to cook and grow with your family, or an ensuite with a serene bathtub to sink in

Best Kitchen and Bathroom Secrets

Your kitchen is a hive of activity with a constant flow of traffic. So it goes without saying that the design you choose for this important space has a huge impact on your home and lifestyle.

Gone are the days where the kitchen was just for cooking, guests stayed tucked away in the living areas, not setting foot in the ‘work zone’. The kitchen really has become the new living room, the nucleus of the home, a place where family gathers for meals and friends get together over coffee. Regardless of our lifestyle, a lot happens in this hub of the home, which means taking a new approach to the design and planning of your new kitchen to ensure an effective fusion between aesthetics and functionality.

Tamara Hosken, Manager of the Spectra Showroom, shares some tips on what to consider when planning your ultimate dream kitchen for your new Carlisle home.

Best Kitchen and Bathroom Secrets

Create a feature

With the rise of colour reflective of nature and true realism in textured surfaces there are many colours, finishes and profiles to choose from for your kitchen, bathroom and laundry, each of which can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your home. A trend for this year is definitely the use of textured finishes throughout the home, and the kitchen doesn’t need to miss out on the action. Textured laminate brings a true realism and inviting warmth to your space that’s highly durable, easy to clean with an affordable price tag, providing a stylish inclusion for an on-trend kitchen look. Timber look materials and finishes continue to be a popular choice and a great way to balance a neutral kitchen palette.

Best Kitchen and Bathroom Secrets

Caesarstone Statuario Maximus

Another style gaining momentum is the inclusion of Marble and marble-look surfaces which are everywhere in interior design right now, with their affordable and tactile good looks adding luxurious style in both traditional and modern interiors.

Caesarstone’s Supernatural Ultra range has been designed for this very reason, capturing the resurgent popularity of marble veining with the excellent performance of Caesarstone quartz surfaces.

Contrasting a feature Caesarstone Marble look as the island and a more subtle tone to the rear cooktop surface establishes a design centrepiece in the large open plan space, creating a natural focal and family gathering point.

Best Kitchen and Bathroom Secrets

A butler’s choice

The trend for the kitchen to become a key entertaining space has led to the emerging popularity of the butler’s pantry. This second kitchen becomes the space to unload the groceries, house the small appliances and hide the dirty crockery from surprise guests, leaving the kitchen free (and clean) for entertaining.

Most of the Carlisle home designs can be adapted to include a butler’s pantry as an upgrade feature.

Best Kitchen and Bathroom Secrets

Integrated style

Perfectly marrying form and function, a trend we continue to see is the integrated kitchen, where the kitchen appliances seamlessly blend into the cabinetry for a sleek, streamlined and uncluttered space.

Achieve this look by incorporating appliances with the same colours or finishes as the cabinetry, so they effectively become invisible to the eye for a contemporary sleek style. Dishwashers are a common item to integrate although increasingly we are seeing this trend with the largest kitchen appliance, the fridge.

Other integrated options to consider:

  • built in wall ovens, steamers and coffee machines
  • side by side ovens
  • concealed rangehoods
  • handleless cabinetry
  • undermounted sink
Best Kitchen and Bathroom Secrets

Storage is king

Keeping with the theme of minimising clutter for clean lines, storage is a must on your kitchen design wish list. Features such as built-in twin bin options, tea towel racks, corner cupboard space savers and pull out storage solutions provide a place for everything off your benchtops. In addition, banks of wide pot drawers, rather than cupboards, create a sleek style with consistent horizontal lines giving a sense of openness and space. Partner these drawers and your cupboards with soft closers to harmonise the hustle and bustle of the kitchen in your living hub.

Best Kitchen and Bathroom Secrets

Top off your new kitchen design with some well-planned accessories to really cement your signature style, consider:

  • black tapware for a strong and sleek design statement
  • coloured co-ordinated small appliances like toasters, kettles, coffee machines
  • elements of nature with indoor plants, flowers and foliage.
Best Kitchen and Bathroom Secrets

Trending bathroom tips from our experts

Who would have thought there was so much to know about bathrooms and ensuites?

A new home means you can finally get the home of your dreams, with no compromises. No fighting for the mirror space in the bathroom, no arguments about who gets the one storage drawer, your luxury living day dreams can become a reality.

We all have our favourites when it comes to ensuites from our display home range, and Danielle Taylor, Interior Design Manager shares her top 5 items that should be on your list.

Best Kitchen and Bathroom Secrets

The freestanding bath

Even if you’re not a fan of the long hot bath at the end of the day, you can’t deny the simplicity and timeless style of the contemporary free standing bath. It’s such a lovely feature for your ensuite, creating a feeling of clean lines and space. You will soon convert your bathing ways!

Best Kitchen and Bathroom Secrets

His and hers vanities

Indulge in true luxury living with his and hers vanities, an absolute necessity when it comes to planning the perfect ensuite. With lots of mirror space, ample storage and no queuing to clean your teeth, mornings will become a dream!

Best Kitchen and Bathroom Secrets

Embrace the raw tactility of nature

Timber finishes in the bathroom introduce a warmth to offset the cool tiling and basins and can be a great way to bring in some colour. In response to the relentless pace of work and life, Dulux created the Grounded theme inspired by the wellness movement and the growing desire that so many of us feel for greater simplicity and connection to nature. Grounded is curated around a warm, brown-based, neutral palette that evokes a sense of calm and serenity. Visit Grounded to apply a calm and grounded approach to your bathroom.

Above all, have some fun exploring the many options you have to choose from to create your dream kitchen and bathroom in your new Carlisle home. A pre-visit to Spectra Online is a must, you can experiment with our expansive range of colours, fixtures, appliances and finishes from some of Australia’s most reputable brands. To find your nearest display home, click here Or call 1300 328 045 to book a Spectra browse appointment.

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