The Brand New Carlisle Homes House and Land Package Generator

by Carlisle Homes


Carlisle Homes has just released our new house and land package wizard. The way it works is like magic. 

You answer a few simple questions about exactly what you’re looking for in your dream home. Then our clever wizard searches through our database of over 3000 fixed price packages to show you the best items to suit your needs.

No more trawling through too many products that aren’t in your area or price point. Or trying to use a website that isn’t mobile friendly.

The Carlisle Homes house and land package wizard has been specifically designed to be mobile friendly which means you can start your search from anywhere.

We’ve used our expertise to research the best house and land packages available in the market right now so you don’t have to do the hard work.


And even better yet, Carlisle Homes guarantees these are fixed price packages. This means that you know exactly how much your new dream home is going to cost up front. “At Carlisle Homes, our Fixed* Site Costs option means that they are 100% fixed* in price, guaranteed. We take on the risk, so if we then discover any unknown conditions on site, we will cover it,” says Nicole Dowling, Carlisle Homes’ Group House and Land Manager.

So you can rest assured that when you use the house and land package wizard, the results we present you are the best on offer. There’s no hidden costs or hidden secret deals you have to search to find.

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Our search has been tailored to suit the needs you choose to put into the wizard. Simple as that. 


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