Future-Proof Your Home Office

by Carlisle Homes

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Set up for work-from-home success! Here’s how to add value to your home and save on expenses.

When building a new home, you’ll not only want it to cater to your needs now, but your future needs too. With working from home becoming the norm, a well-designed home office is a must. You’ll want a quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of family life where you can concentrate on work tasks, conduct Zoom meetings and more.

These sorts of things are best worked out during the planning phase, well before building begins. Adding in features like soundproofing after your home is built is an inconvenient – not to mention expensive – exercise. Specify them in advance and you’ll be set up for work-from-home success before you even move in. And as these are features that future buyers are likely to seek out, you’ll be adding to the value of your home too.

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Your home office should inspire creativity and optimise productivity! Consider acoustic insulation for the whisper-quiet space you need. Then, add style and personality using our step by step guide. Featured here: Kensington Grand, Orana Estate, Clyde North.

Looking to future-proof your home office for the years ahead? Here’s how:

Acoustic insulation

The sounds of traffic, neighbours, kids playing and dogs barking are all no-no's when you’re trying to work from home or when your child is studying. Specifying acoustic insulation for your home office will create the whisper-quiet space you need, regardless of what’s going on outside your office door.

At Carlisle Homes, you can specify Superchek plasterboard and SoundScreen batts to your home office for enhanced noise control. SoundScreen batts, for example, reduces noise by a whopping 75 per cent. But as these elements would need to be integrated into your subfloor, you’ll need to specify them during the planning stages. While you’re at it, you may also wish to specify acoustic insulation for your master bedroom to create a wonderfully peaceful parent’s retreat, or to your theatre room so you won’t be disturbed by the sound of the kids’ movies playing on repeat. Learn more about the importance of acoustic insulation here.

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The latest technology, plus the peace and quiet you deserve! Get in early and save. - specify acoustic insultation and equip your property with smart features during the planning stage of your build. Featured here: Montague Grand Deluxe, Orana Estate, Clyde North.

Smart home technology

Convenience is king in today’s homes – from high-speed internet connections, security systems, entertainment, pool cleaning, and lighting and heating that you can switch on from your smartphone or via voice command. And it’s set to become even more important in the future.

Equipping your property with smart features and technology now means you’re ready to welcome the latest tech into your home for years to come. This includes smart wiring and connection points that allow for the integration of different smart-home systems and sensors throughout your home, with the ability to add more at a later date as technology advances.

It’s cheaper and easier to add these in when you’re building your new home, so be sure to specify them during the planning stage. It will save you money and ultimately boost the value of your home.

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Don’t let working from home throw you off your game! A well-designed home office is essential in cultivating a work area that is convenient, calm and allows you to focus. Featured here: Montague Grand Deluxe, Orana Estate, Clyde North.


Learn more about smart home technology and how it can save you time and streamline your lifestyle by having a chat with our expert sales consultants – come along to one of our Carlisle Homes display homes here. Or call one of our friendly staff on 1300 535 416.


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