Create The Ultimate Walk-In Robe

by Carlisle Homes


Read our expert tips for creating the ultimate walk-in robe with smart storage and luxe inclusions!

Dreaming of a walk-in robe that perfectly accommodates your designer threads, activewear and everything in between? We’ve got you covered – the walk-in ‘robes in your new Carlisle home can be customised with all the smart storage and luxury inclusions you need for the ultimate dressing space.

The walk-in robes in our Affinity homes come complete with beautiful Laminex colour board shelving and single and double hanging rails. From there, upgrade your ‘robe with custom storage features, such as lighting, drawers, shelves, and pull-outs, perfectly tailored to your storage needs.


Add a warm, natural feel to your walk-in robe with joinery in a low-sheen, wood-look finish, such as Laminex Natural Finish in Classic Oak! Featured here: Montague Grand Deluxe, Orana Estate, Clyde North

Walk-in robes at our Spectra Showroom

Make an appointment to visit our Spectra Showroom, where you will see two walk-in wardrobe styles:

  1. Premium (featuring 16mm Laminex colour board).
  2. Prestige (featuring 25mm Laminex colour board).

Creating the perfect layout

“The first step to customising your walk-in is to think about what you need to store,” says Hodges. “Do you have a lot of floor-length maxi dresses, bulky sweaters, an extensive handbag collection or high-use items such as activewear that you reach for every day? Answering these questions will help determine exactly how many rails, open shelves, drawers, and other features you’ll need.

“You may want 50% hanging space, 25% drawers and 25% open shelves. Or if you wear a lot of dresses, the proportion might be 70% hanging space, 15% drawers and 15% open shelves. 

“Other things you’ll need to factor in are shoes, accessories and less frequently used items such as out-of-season clothes.” 

Below, Hodges drills down into exactly what you’ll need:


Maximise space – and accessibility – by customising your robe with a shoe rack tower. Featured here: Canterbury Grand Deluxe, Aurora Estate, Wollert.

Hanging space

A quarter of the hanging space in your wardrobe should be allocated to full-length clothing and the remainder to shorter pieces. Double hanging rails allow you to store twice as many items in the same space.

Are you sharing your walk-in ‘robe? Bear in mind that men generally require less full-length hanging space than women.

Shoe storage

Maximise space – and accessibility – by customising your ‘robe with a shoe rack tower. This clever fixture allows you to store and display your footwear vertically, which takes up less real estate in your ‘robe and gives you instant access to what you need. 

Or consider open shelves installed at an angle along the bottom of your ‘robe. Like storing shoes in their boxes? Flat, narrow shelves are ideal for this.


Drawers are a convenient way to group together small items, such as underwear, socks, and jewellery. Make sure drawers are wide enough to accommodate what you need to store and consider adding drawer dividers to keep everything neatly organised.

Positioning drawers underneath one or two of your hanging rails can streamline your mornings by keeping essentials together; ties can be located right below shirts; socks right below jeans on a hanging rail.


Adding a few open shelves at the top of your wardrobe gives you somewhere to store items you only need occasionally.

Add luxury with Laminex

All the joinery in our walk-in ‘robes is finished in Laminex laminate colour board, bringing a sense of refinement and luxury to your storage space.

“Laminex colour board not only looks incredible, but it’s durable and easy to clean – the perfect finish for a beautiful and low-maintenance walk-in ‘robe. It’s also made in a way that’s gentle on the earth, so you know you’re doing your bit for the environment. 

“There’s a wide range of beautiful Laminex colours to choose from, including rich wood grains and muted neutrals, making it easy to create a dressing space that reflects your personal style,” says Jessica Hodges, interior designer manager at Carlisle Homes.

Embrace the latest colour trends

“Add a warm, natural feel to your walk-in ‘robe with joinery in a low-sheen, wood-look finish, such as Laminex Natural Finish in Classic Oak, or opt for a more dramatic look with Aged Walnut. If you prefer soft neutrals, consider Laminex Natural Finish in light-enhancing White Linen or a muted tone like Seed (a greige) or Possum (a warm grey-green).

Customising your walk-in ‘robe: how it works

We have different storage modules that you can mix and match to create your dream wardrobe set-up. These include:

  • Double hanging rails for shirts, pants, and skirts.
  • Single hanging rails for coats and dresses.
  • Single hanging rails with shelving above.
  • Single hanging rails with drawers below.
  • Shoe rack tower with open shelves above.
  • Drawer towers with open shelving above: great for storing items above eye level that you don’t use every day.
  • Dresser towers: the perfect spot to complete your final touches when getting ready.
  • Corner storage units with shelving or hanging with shelves: ideal if you want storage on all three sides of your walk-in ‘robe.
  • Top shelf storage: for storing luggage, boxes and other occasional-use items.

Get your dream wardrobe! All our Affinity homes come complete with beautiful Laminex colour board shelving and hanging rails. Featured here: Astoria Grand, Meridian Estate, Clyde North.

Lighting & mirrors

Nobody likes to head out the door over or underdone, so be sure to include a full-length mirror in your walk-in ‘robe.

Good lighting is also important. Consider a twinkling chandelier for atmosphere, strip lighting or backlit shelves, and automated sensor lighting in drawers and closed cupboards that illuminate the contents when the drawer or door is opened.


Do you plan to do your makeup in your walk-in robe? If so, include space for a dressing table and chair. If you enjoy spending a few minutes planning your outfit for the day, allocate space for a comfortable, upholstered ottoman or armchair to sit on. It’s little extras like these that will make your walk-in a place you love spending time in.

Book a group walkthrough to take a look at our brand new Spectra Showroom on Sundays. 


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