Forget the Butler - You Need a Butler’s Pantry!

by Carlisle Homes


Dreaming of a kitchen complete with a butler's pantry? Right now at Carlisle, It's included with all Affinity Collection homes.

In the grand houses of Victorian and colonial times, a butler’s pantry was where the butler slept to guard the valuable china and silverware. Thankfully times have changed and we no longer need to have a butler sleeping in our kitchen! However the butler’s pantry is making a big comeback.

The popularity of butler’s pantries can be attributed to many factors, but top of the list is the trend for open plan living and kitchen areas. Island benches create fabulous space for entertaining and family time. While we love the idea of connecting our kitchen and living areas, most of us don’t like the idea of putting our mess and dirty dishes on show.


These days a butler’s pantry has been repurposed for more practical uses than storing the silverware - the modern butler’s pantry is a concealed space off the main kitchen where food preparation, dirty dishes and appliance storage can be hidden away from view.

Today we lead incredibly busy lives with juggling between family, work and friends. The kitchen is often the anchor and a place for congregating. In an open plan kitchen if you don’t clean up after meals your benches can quickly become cluttered and an unsightly mess, so including a butler’s pantry in your kitchen design is a great solution.

If you’re interested in including a butler’s pantry in your new home build, it pays to think about how your butler’s pantry will be used.


Let’s start with your kitchen bench tops. Have a think about your daily routine and the items you will have on show and which will be concealed. You may have a fancy coffee machine that would be a great bench top feature, but let’s face it – your microwave and kettle will always look better out of sight.

Daily tasks such as juicing, making a cuppa or cooking toast can all be done within the butler’s pantry – keeping your main bench tops uncluttered and easier to clean when your family rushes out the door each morning.


If you love entertaining you can go one step further and duplicate some of the main kitchen appliances within the butler’s pantry, a second dishwasher and sink will keep post-party mess hidden away! The additional space can also be used for food and drinks preparation, while providing handy storage for overflowing kitchen cupboards.

The size of your butler’s pantry will depend on your home design and floor plan. Many Carlisle home designs come with butler’s pantries and right now as part of the Carlisle Homes Life’s Better When It’s Included promotion, the luxury addition of a butler’s pantry and much more is included with all Affinity Collection home designs. To view the latest in kitchen and pantry design trends, visit the range of display homes located across Melbourne.

“We add butler’s pantries into our home designs not just for storage and preparation; but for simplifying your daily life and making entertaining a breeze.” – John Doulgeridis, Managing Director, Carlisle Homes

Need more kitchen inspiration? Discover an expansive range of kitchen and butler’s pantry appliances, fixtures, and fittings from some of Australia’s most reputable brands, including AEG,  Bosch, Fisher & Paykel,  WestinghouseTechnikaOliveri and Clark.

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