Titled and Untitled Land… What’s the Difference?

by Carlisle Homes


Asking yourself ‘what does land title mean?’ or unsure what the benefits are of buying land before a title or after it? Our expert guide explains everything.

Once you’ve decided to build your dream home, it’s important to understand which land is available and ready to build on, and which you’ll need to wait for. And it all comes down to ‘land titles’. We spoke to Taylah White, Carlisle’s House & Land Manager, to explain what land titles mean, and how they affect the timing and financing of your build.   

What does ‘titled land’ mean?

“Titled land is when a block of land is officially registered with the council as an address. Once a block of land is titled, it is legally ready to be built on,” says White.

What does ‘untitled land’ mean?

“Untitled land is a block of land that is not yet registered with the council as an address,” says White. “The block will have an estimated title date – this is the anticipated date the block will become titled and is ready to build on.”


Why is it important to know the difference?

“It’s important to understand because purchasing titled versus untitled land will impact your finance journey,” says White. “If your block of land is not titled until, say, December 2023 you will not owe the balance on your land until it titles on that date. This allows buyers to save money between the purchase and title date.”

“Titled land will always have a clause from the developer dictating when the build must commence, therefore there is greater urgency on building and also delivering on finances,” she says.

Why does it take so long for land to title?

“Because the developer needs adequate time to prepare your estate, stage and individual lot,” says White. “The developer uses the time between the land purchase and title date to complete earthworks and services – this involves importing soil, installing roads and paths, outlining individual lot boundaries, and installing services such as gas mains and sewerage lines.”

Is there titled land ready to buy in Melbourne?

“Most of the land available in Melbourne is untitled,” she says. “Saying that, titled land can often be found on the market if it is being re-sold, such as when a client forfeits their purchase or has a change of mind.”

What happens when my land becomes titled?

“When your land becomes titled, you then need to settle on your land by way of conveyancer and finance, after which you officially own the block. Once this occurs, you will be in a position to commence your build,” says White.


Once your land is titled, you are legally allowed to start the process of building your dream home. Pictured here is the Granada Retreat with Bentley Facade.

How soon can building my Carlisle home start?

“Carlisle Homes allows three months from land title date to site state – which means when the slab is poured,” says White. “You will receive your site start date when you deposit on your new home, and will be kept informed of any updates or changes to this date by your Carlisle Customer Liaison Executive.”

What does it mean if titles are delayed?

“Titles can be delayed due to issues such as poor weather, for example a prolonged wet season that results in delays in the installation of services. If your title is delayed, this may mean your site start date is delayed too,” says White.

“If there are any delays with your land title, your Customer Liaison Executive will manage the situation for you, keeping in touch with the developer fortnightly for title updates, and keeping you fully abreast of the situation.”

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