Thinking Facades? See Our 6 Best-Selling Designs of 2022

by Carlisle Homes

Meet our Illawarra Grand Deluxe 45, the Perfect Multi-Generational Family Home.

Meet our six most popular facade designs of 2022 and get inspiration for the exterior of your own home. 

With so many gorgeous facades to choose from for your new Carlisle home, it can be hard to pick just one. If you’re struggling to decide, we’re here to help. Let us introduce you to the six facades Carlisle customers loved best in 2022, complete with stunning detailing – you might just find the inspiration you’re looking for!

Meet our Illawarra Grand Deluxe 45, the Perfect Multi-Generational Family Home.

Illawarra Grand Deluxe 45 has been furnished in our beautiful Nordic decorating theme, which offers an eye-catching mix of soft pastels, black, white and grey artworks and curvy, sculptural furniture.

1. Grandeur facade

When it came to our Affinity single storey homes, the Grandeur facade was customers’ top pick last year. And it’s easy to see why; this popular facade features a wide and inviting entry to welcome guests, a fashionable, render and brick finish, and eye-catching, moulded detailing.

This Grandeur facade is exclusive to our Affinity Collection. See it at our Matisse 33 display home at Orana Estate in Clyde North.

Meet our Illawarra Grand Deluxe 45, the Perfect Multi-Generational Family Home.

The master suite features a stunning textured feature wall behind the bed in Surround by Laminex, finished off with a boucle bench and statement wall lights over the bedside tables.

2. Hardwick facade

For buyers of our Affinity double storey homes, our contemporary Hardwick facade was the favourite in 2022. Buyers loved how the huge windows boost light and indoor-outdoor connection, the sleek glass balcony on the upper level, and the wide, feature entry pillar, which can be tiled for a unique look. 

Love this look and buying a T-Range home? Great news: it’s available in Hebel on T-Range homes too. 

The Affinity Hardwick facade comes in brick or Hebel and you can view it at our Rothbury Grand Atrium 46 display home at Meridian Estate in Clyde North.

Meet our Illawarra Grand Deluxe 45, the Perfect Multi-Generational Family Home.

The Illawarra Grande Deluxe 45 features a brilliant kids’ activity space for hanging out with their friends or watching TV. Plus a generous built-in study area allows for quiet concentration.

3. Montana facade

The Montana facade, which comes in a choice of brick or Hebel, was top pick for T-Range single storey homes in 2022. 

This exterior is all about maximising kerb appeal, with an elevated roofline at the entry to give the home real street presence, contemporary, asymmetrical portico detailing, velvety rendered walls, and generous floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the interior with natural light. 

The Montana facade is also available in Hebel on EasyLiving homes. View it at our Granville 29 display home at Smiths Lane Estate in Clyde North.  

Meet our Illawarra Grand Deluxe 45, the Perfect Multi-Generational Family Home.

The Illawarra Grand Deluxe 45 at Meridian Display Centre features the Creswick Hebel façade, which is a fresh, modern twist on a classic colonial style.

4. Bentley facade

For buyers of our T-Range double storey homes, the Bentley facade came out tops in 2022.

And what’s not to love? This modern exterior exudes contemporary elegance, with a gorgeous, rendered finish, timber accents, a double entry door (home specific), and an uber-stylish glass balcony.

The Bentley facade is available in both brick and Hebel in our T-Range. You can also select the Bentley Hebel facade for your EasyLiving home. Check it out for yourself at our Granada Retreat 45 display home at Canopy at Amstel Estate in Cranbourne.

Meet our Illawarra Grand Deluxe 45, the Perfect Multi-Generational Family Home.

The Illawarra Grand Deluxe 45 features a super-sized master suite with a large dressing area.

5. Riviera Hebel

Buyers loved how the Riviera facade adds modern sophistication to single storey EasyLiving homes in 2022. 

This popular exterior is available in brick or Hebel across every Carlisle range. It features a large, three-panel window to enhance natural light, PermaTimber cladding above the porch in a choice of colours, two symmetrical front piers that you can upgrade with tiling for a unique look, and an elevated roofline over the porch to maximise street appeal. 

See the EasyLiving Riviera facade at our Springwood 23 display home at Aurora Estate in Wollert.

6. Cheval Hebel facade

The Cheval Hebel facade scored top marks with buyers of EasyLiving double storey homes in 2022.

With its elegant, rendered Hebel finish and appealing layers of texture, the Cheval Hebel exterior is guaranteed to make people slow down and take a second look. Standout features include low-maintenance PermaTimber timber detailing in a selection of tones, wide, symmetrical porch pillars, a minimalist glass balcony and a generous, double front door (home specific). 

The Cheval is also available in our T-Range collection, in a choice of brick or Hebel. Make a time to view it today at our Highview 31 display home at Woodlea Estate in Aintree. 

New facades for 2023

And here are some of the new facade designs coming your way in 2023 – we know you’ll love them!

Easy luxury

If you want to give your home an elegant, contemporary aesthetic, we have just the facades. Our new Clearwater Hebel facade, available on Affinity double storey homes, layers sleek, rendered Hebel with easy-care PermaTimber detailing. It boasts a sprawling glass balcony and huge windows on both levels for maximum light and indoor-outdoor flow. This facade is on display on the Astoria Grand 54 display home at Meridian Estate. 

And if you’ve chosen an EasyLiving single storey home, check out our new Matrix Hebel facade, which combines a modern, rendered Hebel finish with classic weatherboards and oversized windows for unparalleled light and connection to your front yard.  

Buyers of T-Range single storey homes are sure to love our Madison Hebel facade, which features an impressive corner butt-joint window to optimise light and indoor-outdoor flow, a beautifully layered, rendered finish, and an asymmetrical front pillar design for that contemporary edge. See it on our Provincial 29BP display home at Peppercorn Hill Estate

New-look classics

If you can’t go past a classic look, you’ll love our new Creswick facade, which is available on T-Range double story homes in a choice of brick or Hebel. It has a gorgeous mix of painted weatherboards on the upper level, sleek, rendered accents on the lower level, and traditional mullion-style windows. See it on our Illawarra Grand Deluxe 45 display home at Meridian Estate. 

Or recreate a similar aesthetic on your EasyLiving single storey home with our Newhaven Hebel facade, which pairs modern, rendered Hebel with traditional weatherboards and trims. View it on our Glenbrook 27 display home at Meridian Estate. 

Our new Solara Hebel facade, available on Affinity double storey homes, is another classic-meets-contemporary stunner, featuring rendered Hebel on the lower level and weatherboards on the upper level, huge windows to maximise light and air flow, and an impressive entry portico. See it on our Rothbury Grand Atrium display home at Peppercorn Hill Estate

Statement makers

You’ll have the best-looking house on the street, guaranteed, with our new Parkglen Hebel facade, available on T-Range and EasyLiving single storey homes. It combines on-trend, slatted PermaTimber detailing with velvety, rendered Hebel, supersized windows and a glass front door for optimal natural light. See it on our Piermont 29 display home at Redstone Estate

Or step up your exterior with our new Parklea Hebel facade, available on EasyLiving doubles, which pairs a gorgeous, rendered Hebel finish with striking, slatted PermaTimber accents in your choice of colours. Make a visit to our Highview Grand 33 display home at Meridian Estate to see the Parklea Hebel façade. 

Alternatively, consider our new Riverdale Hebel facade, available on T-Range singles, with its appealing combination of rendered Hebel, PermaTimber accents and decorative detailing. It is also on display at Meridian Estate on our Amberley 29BP display home.

*What’s Hebel?

Hebel is an innovative building material that is a popular alternative to traditional brick. It is strong, energy-efficient and goes up fast, letting you create a striking, fully rendered facade with minimal hassle and cost – all while helping to keep the interior of your home cooler (so less need to flick the switch, means lower power bills!)

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