Steel Roofing: An Ideal Solution for a Home Buyer's Dream Build

by Carlisle Homes

Steel Roofing: An Ideal Solution for a Home Buyer's Dream Build

Build with a better future in mind. Discover the benefits of a steel roof.

Take a moment to immerse yourself in the thrill and unrivalled rush of building your dream home or undertaking a once in a lifetime architectural project. The culmination of hard work and creative flair to create a building that will house a vision, create memories, and make dreams come true.

How important is having the right roof for making your dream project a reality? The roof makes up a third of the structure’s exterior - it contributes to the overall design and street appeal of your build, and also serves to protect your most valued assets inside. Selecting a suitable roof material can have a significant impact on your build's long-term value and performance.

Here’s 11 essential reasons why a steel roof is an ideal solution for your dream build.

Steel Roofing: An Ideal Solution for a Home Buyer's Dream Build

Prioritise durability and protection against the elements, while maximising the design appeal of your new build. Featured here: Sacramento 31 with ColorCote® steel roof, gutters and fascia in Monolith.

Stunning aesthetics 

Steel roofing provides unparalleled visuals, offering a modern, elegant, and flush finish that complements most home designs. Contemporary manufacturing techniques have provided a versatile and durable material with on-trend profiles to maximise the design appeal of your build.

Low Maintenance 

A huge advantage of steel roofing is the need for very minimal maintenance after installation. Your steel roof only requires the odd inspection and rinse when located in a coastal environment.

Protection against the elements

Impervious to the most unforgiving weather conditions, steel roofing provides superior protection against extreme weather events, including hail, high winds, torrential rain, and considerable snow loads. A non-combustible material, steel roofing is an excellent option in bush fire prone areas due to excellent fire-retardant properties against sparks, embers, and other fire threats.

Security assurance 

The application profile and secure installation procedure for steel roofing makes steel  impervious to unauthorised roof access.

Steel Roofing: An Ideal Solution for a Home Buyer's Dream Build

Opt for an eco-friendly roofing solution that simultaneously gives you design flexibility with an extensive on-trend colour range. Featured here: Astoria Grand with ColorCote® UniCote® steel roof, gutters and fascia in Monolith.

Premium performance

Not only is steel a durable and versatile solution, but it’s also a resilient and robust material. We use a world-leading technology system that ensures the colour is bonded to the steel, making it resistant to peeling, chipping, or cracking. Superior painting technology safeguards the material against corrosion and ensures colour retention for years to come. The performance assurance gives you peace of mind with a long-term solution you can trust. Learn more about ColorCote® performance here.

Environmental benefits 

Steel roofing serves as a truly eco-friendly solution, offering notable benefits to the environment and savings on utility costs. A well-insulated steel roof will assist with year-round temperature regulation and reduce your overall energy consumption. Save further on energy costs by using renewable options such as solar. Steel roofing is a great material for solar panels, mainly due to the ease of installation. Steel is also a 100-per cent recyclable material which reduces waste and our environmental impact. 

Extensive on-trend colour range

There’s no need to rein in your design flair; opt for a steel roof to achieve a bespoke scheme that enhances your buildings street appeal. We offer an extensive colour palette to provide design flexibility tailored to your vision. We give you options to meet a contemporary colour need to blend with your environment or provide a unique substitute for natural, exotic, or metallic finishes.

Steel Roofing: An Ideal Solution for a Home Buyer's Dream Build

Enjoy the cost-benefits of a steel roof! Save on utility bills, ongoing repair costs and more! Featured here: Matisse with ColorCote® UniCote® steel roof, gutters and fascia in Hamptons White.

Water management

Steel roofing offers superior water runoff, reducing the risk of moisture absorbance and water collection that causes corrosion and mildew. The material's superior water runoff and nature also make steel a suitable solution for a rain harvesting system to gather potable water.

Lifetime cost saving

While the initial outlay for a steel roof is marginally more than other options, steel roofing offers a lifetime cost-benefit due to several cost-saving additions that come with the solution. The low maintenance solution doesn’t require additional investment post-installation. The eco-friendly solution also provides yearlong savings on your utility bills. A steel roof in severe weather areas will also ensure you don’t have ongoing repair costs or insurance claims because of storm damage.

Steel Roof

Peace of mind warranty

Steel roofing comes with a guaranteed manufacturing warranty of 20 years for paint and 30 years for perforation in builds that are 400m+ from marine environments. And, for gutters, downpipes and fascias, you’ll receive a warranty of 20 years for both paint and perforation, giving you peace of mind and a long-term solution you can trust.

With an inspirational range of choices to add an ideal roofing solution to your dream build, ColorCote® offers you a designer range that inspires elegant showpieces, while UniCote® provides you with a modern alternative to gutters and fascias that ensures endurance through colour steel. Our premium offering provides a unique substitute for natural, exotic or metallic finishes. Maximise your architectural creativity and embrace the future of Australian pre-painted steel.

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