So What’s a ‘Build-Over’ Design (and Do I Need One)?

by Carlisle Homes

So What’s a ‘Build-Over’ Design (and Do I Need One)?

Whatever the size of your block, you can still get all the lifestyle inclusions you’ve been dreaming of: meet our ‘build-over’ designs!

Living large on a moderately sized block once felt like an impossible dream, but not anymore – meet our ‘build-over’ designs, which cleverly maximise space in select double-storey homes to give you more living space on exactly the same footprint of land.

So What’s a ‘Build-Over’ Design (and Do I Need One)?

Building over your garage creates more internal floor space giving you and your family flexibility of added space to suit your lifestyle needs. 

Smaller block sizes of 250 to 400 square metres and 250sqm home designs are gaining in popularity among buyers; enough to build a great-size home for your family, but perhaps not quite sufficient to meet all your lifestyle needs if you have several children, both partners work from home on a regular basis, or you share your home with a set of grandparents.

So What’s a ‘Build-Over’ Design (and Do I Need One)?

Do you want a private parent's retreat? You can transform your home and add much-needed living functional living space with build-overs. Featured here: Rothwell, Aurora Estate, Wollert.

With our build-over designs, we build over your garage to give you more internal floor space without having to add a centimetre to your home’s footprint. That means you can have that expansive parent’s retreat complete with an ensuite and walk-in robe you’ve been dreaming of, a huge activity space for the kids to hang out with their friends or play games, an extra work-from-home area for your partner or one of your grown-up children, or a supplementary lounge area for the grandparents to relax and enjoy a little independence.

So What’s a ‘Build-Over’ Design (and Do I Need One)?

Building over your garage will give you the option to add more internal spaces, such as a walk-in-robe, without compromising your land's footprint. Featured here: Sorrento Grand, Redstone Estate, Sunbury. 

Build-overs are a genius way to carve out the extra space you crave in a family home, without having to worry about the size of your block or where you’re going to squeeze in the extra usable space you desire. And they are a hugely popular option with Carlisle customers, which is why we’ve made them available in a vast number of our double-storey home designs – 38 of our 39 beautifully appointed Affinity home designs and 17 of our 23 affordable luxury T-Range home designs, giving you loads of options to choose the style and layout you love, and enjoy all the benefits of having that little bit of extra living space you need.  

See it for yourself! Come and visit one of our build-over display homes in Melbourne today, and discover how more space can give you the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. 


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