Podcast Episode Five: The Building Process Explained

by Carlisle Homes


Wondering what actually needs to happen to transform your empty block into a beautiful new home? In the latest episode of our new podcast, we reveal all, along with helpful tips on how you can stay fully informed throughout the build process.


A lot goes into building a home from the ground up, and unless you’re on-site every day, you won’t get to see every moment happen. As a result, it’s all too easy to feel uncertain about what's actually going on.

In Episode Five of our new podcast, we clear up the confusion by taking you step by step through the various stages of your home’s build, so you know exactly what takes place when, and how long each stage typically lasts.

To guide you on the journey, host Caitlin Judd is joined by two Carlisle Homes’ building experts with years of experience bringing customers’ homes to life – Operations Manager Mariah Barnes, and Construction Manager Glen Dunstan. Along the way, they will also share must-know construction insights, including the meaning of common building jargon, the best way to navigate the approvals process, and how to stay in the loop about the progress of your build using Carlisle’s handy online tools.


In Episode Five, two Carlisle experts explain the building process from beginning to end, so you know exactly what to expect during the construction of your new home.

Tune in now and you’ll learn:

  • The five stages of your build, from clearing your site to picking up your keys.
  • Common first-home builder questions answered.
  • The external factors that can cause construction delays.
  • Building jargon explained.
  • How to navigate the council and developer approvals process.
  • The payment structure for your new home.
  • How to stay fully informed about the progress of your build using Carlisle Connect.
  • What happens during the final inspection, and the tell-tale signs of quality to look for in your new home.

You can catch up on the first four episodes in our podcast Home Files: First Home Building Made Easy here.

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