Get 7-Star Comfort & Energy Efficiency With Carlisle’s New Promo

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Take advantage of Carlisle’s current Live Like a Star promotion for a home that’s packed with enhanced comfort and energy-efficient features from all your favourite brands.

Don’t just dream about a sophisticated and comfortable home that’s filled with energy-efficient features from premium brands – make it happen with Carlisle’s latest Live Like a Star promotion!

This great-value offer for all new Affinity and Inspire homes gives you a host of incredible features from top-name brands at no extra cost. As a result, you’ll enjoy year-round comfort and luxury in a seven-star home, without the sting of hefty power bills.

Read on to discover more.

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With Carlisle’s latest promotion, achieving a comfortable home that’s affordable to run comes at no extra cost– your Affinity or Inspire home will feature a solar system, double glazing, premium insulation and more.


All Carlisle homes are designed to optimise natural light, warmth and ventilation, regardless of orientation. But with Carlisle’s front-flip options you can maximise light in those parts of your home where you spend most time by flipping the floor plan from left to right. This allows you to enjoy year-round comfort and lower energy bills.

Zoned living spaces

Your seven-star Affinity or Inspire home will include clever features like internal sliding doors that make it easy to zone off your living spaces. This lets you reconfigure your home for different purposes, whether you’re working from home, want to close off a messy toy room, create privacy, or set up an entertaining space.

Best of all, you can heat and cool the parts of your home you’re actually using, rather than waste energy heating or cooling your entire home.

Double glazing

You can reduce heating and cooling loss by up to 40 percent with the latest energy-saving and thermally engineered windows, which means serious savings on your heating and cooling bills. All seven-star Affinity and Inspire home come fitted with these energy-smart windows from trusted brand A&L Windows.

Every window and some sliding external doors in your Affinity or Inspire home is double-glazed, with some homes also featuring low-E (low-emissivity) glass to give energy efficiency a further boost.

Solar energy

Carlisle’s seven-star homes include a solar-powered system, which lets you harness the energy of the sun to power your home in a way that’s affordable and gentle on the environment. You also earn credits on your electricity bills for any surplus energy you generate.

The system consists of several photo-voltaic (PV) solar panels, which are secured to your roof. The panels connect to an inverter, which converts solar-powered DC (Director Current) electricity to AC (Alternating Current) electricity that you can then use to power your home’s appliances.

You also have the option to upgrade to a solar system with a backup battery, which significantly increases your power production and lets you store energy that can be used in a blackout.

Premium insulation

To keep your home naturally warm, whatever the season, your Affinity or Inspire home comes insulated to an exceptionally high standard, with premium-quality ceiling and wall batts from CSR Bradford, and breathable wall wrap on external walls, including your outer garage walls.

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Experience a seven-star, luxury lifestyle with Carlisle’s Live Like a Star promotion. Enjoy energy-efficient features from premium brands, optimised orientation, zoned living spaces, and top-brand appliances – all included in your Affinity or Inspire home.

Heat-pump hot water system

Heat-pump hot water systems efficiently transfer external air heat to water inside the tank, giving you long-term savings and environmental benefits.

Your new seven-star Affinity or Inspire home comes equipped with an electric heat-pump hot water system from Chromagen, tailored to suit the size of your home. Homes with two showers will have a 280-litre tank, and homes with four showers or more will have two tanks (280 litres and 170 litres).

Efficient heating and cooling

With Carlisle’s Live Like a Star offer, Affinity homes come with a Brivis ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning and heating system, which offers discreet, efficient heating and cooling, quiet operation, and easy-to-customise zoning for personalised comfort.

With the current promotion, you can also upgrade your Affinity home to a ducted and zoned refrigerated cooling/ heating system for a great price.

Meanwhile, Inspire homes come equipped with an energy-saving Brivis evaporative cooling system at no extra cost, and the option to upgrade to Brivis Refrigerated Cooling for just $5,999 for single storey homes and $7,999 for double storey homes.

Energy-efficient appliances

Your new seven-star Carlisle home will include energy-efficient appliances from top-name brands like Fisher & Paykel, so you can run them for less and minimise your environmental footprint, with the confidence of knowing your cooking essentials will last.

Tailored roofing

The roof makes up around 30 percent of your home’s facade and is exposed to high UV levels, making it an important part of your household’s energy-efficiency equation.

Your Affinity or Inspire home comes with high-quality Monier roof tiles, in a colour carefully selected to enhance energy efficiency. In warmer locations, lighter-coloured roof tiles will help keep your home naturally cooler. In colder areas, darker Monier roof tiles will help you save on heating.

Cosy carpet

Wall-to-wall carpet features in select parts of your seven-star Carlisle home, such as the bedrooms, study, theatre room and activity zone. The result? A soft and cosy feel underfoot and reduced heat loss in winter.

All-electric living

Carlisle has redefined all-electric living to power your home entirely with electricity, so you can create a healthy and sustainable home that is cost-efficient to run.

And unlike other offers on the market, Carlisle’s all-electric packages are designed so you'll never run the risk of a cold shower!

Pop into one of Carlisle’s 70+ Melbourne display homes and chat with the friendly team about the Live Like a Star promotion and how you can save. Some Carlisle displays are open seven days a week, so they can welcome you any time!


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