Fuss-free facade – yes, it’s included!

by Carlisle Homes

Fuss Free Facade

The facade of your home can often be the pièce de résistance, but did you know that the land developers of some new communities have guidelines that determine how your facade can and can’t look? Facade guidelines aren’t intended to be restrictive, rather they help build a consistent look-and-feel throughout the estate, harmonising with the community’s vision and ultimately maximising the value of your home.

So what sort of guidelines can a developer implement? Generally, guidelines require that you incorporate 2-3 different building material finishes that will be consistent across the estate. For example, brickwork, render, feature timber or tile. A developer may also require eaves to the roof of your home and articulation to the building line. This means that your garage will be set back from the house and your porch will need to be set forward with minimum dimensions.

You might be wondering; how do I know if my dream facade meets the requirements of my estate? Well you don’t have to worry. Carlisle works very closely with leading land developers to ensure that every one of our fixed price house & land packages with stunning facade designs, adhere to all these requirements. We’re committed to making your house building experience as easy as possible without compromising on quality or design. We’ll do the hard work for you, so you can focus on choosing your dream facade.

Your facade from Carlisle includes designer aluminium feature windows, brickwork over windows and external doors for a clean finish and concrete roof tiles for a sleek modern look. Our facades are designed and priced with value in mind and, of course, these already comply with the land developer’s facade guidelines! 

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Our expert team is always happy to help you with all the details. We have over 50 homes across 21 display locations for you to explore our facade options! 


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