Why Adding Solar to Your Mortgage is a Smart Move

by Carlisle Homes

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A quick guide to Solar. Here’s why you should consider it before you build.

Considering solar? There are several reasons why it makes good sense to take the plunge now and add the cost to your mortgage before you build. Chief among them, the fact you could be cash flow positive from day one!

While you can expect to pay a little more each month on your mortgage if it includes solar (approximately $33 per month for an average-size solar PV system, according to Chromagen), at the same time you’ll be making significant savings on your energy bills. Switching to solar could save you a whopping $147 per month on power, which puts $114 back into your pocket every month, says Chromagen™.

Note: Information provided as a guide only, different parameters may provide different results. Speak with your financial adviser for further advice.

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Positive cash flow from day one! If you’re embarking on a new build, you should consider adding solar to your home and including it in the cost of your mortgage.

But positive cash flow isn’t the only smart reason to go solar now:

Cheaper & easier installation

The most cost-effective time to install solar is when you’re building your home. Retrofitting a system later is always going to be more complicated, time-consuming and expensive.

Get the best placement

When you include solar at the planning stage, you can optimise the position and angle of your roof panels in order to achieve maximum solar gain. You can also plan around other elements you might want to include on your roof, such as satellite dish, TV aerials and air-conditioning systems to ensure that your panels won’t be blocked or overshadowed.

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Specifying solar at the building stage means installation will be easier, quicker and cheaper, plus your panels will be more streamlined in appearance, without any visible cables.

Fully concealed wiring

It’s far quicker, easier and cheaper to run wiring before your walls have been gyprocked. It also means there won’t be any visible solar cables in your home for a neater and more streamlined appearance. Learn more about stylish solar panels to boost your savings here.

Guaranteed quality installation

When you include solar with your new Carlisle home, we offer guaranteed, quality installation by Carlisle-approved suppliers, giving you absolute peace of mind the system will be installed properly and last the distance.

Increase the value of your property

Solar is a feature that is highly prized by buyers. Including it in your new build before construction means that you’re increasing the value of your property and making it more appealing to future buyers before you even move in. And, with the latest technology and innovation available like Monier’s InlineSOLAR, you won’t have to compromise on the visual appearance of your roof. The InlineSOLAR system is recessed into your roofline rather than bolted on the top to create a sleek and seamless appearance. Learn more about InlineSOLAR here.

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Increase the value of your property and have peace of mind for years to come. When you build with Carlisle, you can expect guaranteed, quality solar installation with products that last the distance.

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