Award-Winning Customer Care Makes All the Difference

by Carlisle Homes


As part of our ‘Welcome to better’ campaign, we reveal how our award-winning customer service gives you confidence and peace of mind throughout your build journey, so you can really enjoy the process.

At Carlisle, our goal was never to be the biggest, but we always set out to be the best. That means giving you all the care and support you need to have an incredible build experience, from the first moment you step inside our display homes.

Our commitment to excellence has seen us win a raft of esteemed industry and customer awards, including HIA Australian Professional Major Builder 2023, Master Builders Australia Best Large Residential Builder 2023, and the 2023 Australian Achiever Award for Excellence in Customer Service in recognition of our 97.32% customer satisfaction rating.

We know that building your dream home is a major life decision that can bring up all sorts of feelings, from excitement and nerves to uncertainty. Read on to discover how having an experienced and committed team like Carlisle by your side makes all the difference.

The Carlisle difference

“Ensuring a seamless and exceptional experience for our customers from the moment they step into a display home is ingrained in our company's DNA,” says Lisa Nightingale, Carlisle’s Group Sales Manager. “It begins with our dedicated team of over 550 industry-leading professionals, each passionately committed to the shared belief that ‘home is sanctuary, and it begins with us’. The experience our customers have with us is our top priority.”

“The journey with our customers commences with our Sales Team – a group of individuals who take immense pride in representing Carlisle Homes. They play a pivotal role in introducing customers to Carlisle’s unique product and service promise, giving them a glimpse of what could be if they choose us as their new home builder,” she says.


At Carlisle, we’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of customers build their dream home, and our exceptional customer care and personal touch consistently receive the highest praise.

What our customers have to say

“From the moment we stepped into the Carlisle office, we felt welcomed. The staff at Carlisle were so reassuring at every step of the way – nothing was ever too much trouble. Carlisle’s customer service and attention to detail really sets them apart from the competition.”

“Our Site Supervisor went above and beyond to help us with our build – there was a genuine interest and sense of care. What was initially a business transaction turned into a friendship. Today, two years after we built our home, we still have a relationship with the people from Carlisle.” Melinda and Stephen, knockdown-rebuild customers in Chelsea Heights, Victoria.

You can read more testimonials from our customers here.

Our promise to you – in writing

What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to a shared Customer Promise,” says Nightingale. “This promise is the cornerstone of how we guide you throughout your new home journey. It's our pledge to uphold excellence in customer care, quality assurance, problem-solving, and surpassing expectations throughout the complex process of building a home.”

“At Carlisle Homes, we believe in not just meeting, but exceeding, your expectations, and our Customer Promise is a testament to our dedication to making your homebuilding experience nothing short of exceptional.”

You can read our Customer Promise here.


Building a home is a complex process, and we’re here to make it as straightforward as possible, by removing the jargon in our communications, providing upfront quotes, and showcasing the best products and finishes under one roof so it’s easy to customise your home.

Support & guidance at every step

Our commitment to better customer care isn’t just hyperbole. Here’s exactly how we support you at every stage of your build journey:

  • To help you fully comprehend and have confidence in every phase of your build journey, we offer upfront, no-jargon fixed-price quotes, and conduct thorough appointments and consultations in our sales centres with our highly skilled sales team.
  • We’re fully committed to helping you achieve the outcome you want, working with developers and local council to provide the best house & land packages, ensuring our sales teams have expert local knowledge and understand exactly what you want from your new home, providing experienced building teams to ensure quality construction, and tailoring the offerings at our Spectra Showroom to give you the most timeless and beautiful products and finishes for your new home.
  • To ensure that we are consistently delivering the best service, we actively seek customer feedback at every stage. This feedback loop ensures that not only our service, but also our information and processing, are always at their best.
  • We understand that building a home can be a complex endeavour, and we work diligently to demystify the process.

A seamless process for EasyLiving buyers

We take efficiency and transparency to the next level with our EasyLiving homes, ensuring customers a fast, seamless and hassle-free experience.

  • Every EasyLiving project moves forward with a fixed-price quote, ensuring clarity and peace of mind from the outset.
  • We offer sales, colour and electrical appointments in our displays, with contract appointments completed within 30 days, which are done with your dedicated Customer Liaison Executive virtually, saving you valuable time.

Full-service design program for Affinity and T-Range customers

We make customising your Affinity or T-Range home easy and enjoyable by offering:

  • A full-service design program in our Spectra Showroom in Mulgrave, which is the biggest in Australia, with over 3,500 premium products under one roof. Here, our customers work closely with a dedicated Design Consultant and Electrical Consultant to customise their new home.
  • Welcoming prospective customers into our Spectra Showroom every Sunday so they can experience firsthand the exceptional journey that lies ahead if they choose Carlisle Homes.

A single point of contact throughout your build

“At Carlisle, we take immense pride in our unique and highly effective communication process, which provides you with a single Customer Liaison Executive dedicated to you throughout your entire journey, starting right after the sales phase and continuing all the way to the handover of your new home,” says Nightingale.

“This exclusive approach allows for the development of a close and trusted relationship between our customers and team. With leading professionals orchestrating and coordinating our customers' projects through the intricacies of the homebuilding process, our customers can rest assured that they have a single, reliable point of contact.”

“This dedicated liaison is supported by a robust and multi-layered leadership structure that ensures that multiple sets of expert hands are actively involved in overseeing your project at all times. This dual emphasis on individualised care and comprehensive quality management not only provides you with the confidence of having a familiar and reliable point of contact, but also the assurance that your project is in the hands of a team of seasoned professionals who are working in harmony,” she says.


Planning and building your dream home is probably one of the most exciting experiences of your life, and at Carlisle, we share your excitement. Our team takes pride and joy in being personally involved in every home we create.

A personal touch

“We make things personal by assigning a dedicated team to each customer, consisting of a knowledgeable Sales Consultant, a Customer Liaison Executive, and a Site Supervisor,” says Nightingale. “This team ensures that every piece of information is handled carefully, leaving no room for confusion. Our customers benefit from having a single, highly informed point of contact who truly understands their project.”

“Our approach to communication is simple: we're polite, clear, and straightforward. We take the time to explain the various aspects of building a home in a way that's easy to understand, ensuring our customers feel informed and in control,” she says.

Transparency at every stage

At Carlisle, transparency starts with pricing. “We believe that being clear about the cost of your new home is essential, so we provide upfront quotes,” says Nightingale. “This helps customers understand the financial aspect right from the beginning, avoiding any surprises later on. The detailed price lists available in our Spectra Showroom have received positive feedback, empowering our customers to make informed decisions.”

“We also ensure transparency through thorough assessments conducted by business experts and experienced sales consultants. They carefully evaluate the potential costs associated with a chosen piece of land.”

“For those undertaking a knockdown-rebuild, we go the extra mile by having our Construction Manager or General Manager personally assess the site. This proactive approach ensures that all details are considered upfront, giving our customers confidence in their choice of Carlisle Homes,” she says.


We’ve incorporated the latest digital technology into our processes, making it easy for you to explore our 77 display homes, stay up-to-date on the progress of your build, and choose colours and finishes from the comfort of your sofa.

24/7 online support with Carlisle Connect

The Carlisle Connect portal is an online hub that keeps you informed every step of the way during your build. Here, you can easily access important project details, information about the building process, appointment schedules, progress reports, photos, helpful resources, and contacts.

“The Carlisle Connect portal has been a game-changer for our customers,” says Nightingale. “The process of building a home can be quite overwhelming, with numerous appointments, processes, payments, and industry jargon to navigate. The portal has earned enthusiastic praise from our customers because it empowers them with a sense of control and confidence, and allows them to access everything they require in one organised place that is constantly kept up to date.”

Even with the convenience of the portal, the human touch provided by your Customer Liaison Executive remains invaluable. “While having all information at your fingertips is fantastic, having a dedicated person to support you every step of the way is truly priceless. It's the harmonious blend of technology and personalised service that genuinely simplifies the lives of Carlisle customers,” she says.

Other invaluable online support

An extensive array of online tools allows you to plan, visualise, and create your dream home from anywhere, at any time. These include:

  • 3D virtual tours: Explore all of our 77 display homes from the comfort of your sofa with our 3D virtual tours.
  • Spectra Online: Your online shop for the stunning products and finishes available for your new home.
  • Spectra Visualiser: Design your own Affinity or T-Range façade by choosing from thousands of products, colours, and finishes, all with the click of a button. For absolute convenience, can then save your selections and bring them along to your Colour Selection appointment at the Spectra Showroom.
  • Spectra Kiosk: This product inspiration site is a digital showcase of some of the most popular products in our Spectra Showroom, with background information on certain items, where you can find them in our display homes, and how they might look in your new home.
  • QR codes: A new service in our Spectra Showroom – simply scan the key products you like, and add them to your user profile on the Carlisle website.
  • 24/7 live chat: Have a question about our products or services? Ask it here, any time.
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