All About Showers: Design a Shower to Feel Relaxed and Invigorated Every Day

by Carlisle Homes

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Indulgence you deserve! Create the perfect shower experience with style and performance. Discover the key elements you should be considering -

Whether your shower is your sanctuary to start your morning or wash away your day, it’s important that it provides you with a fresh, relaxing and luxurious retreat.

Today’s modern bathroom is not complete without a beautiful shower zone featuring premium bathroom fixtures and designer finishes. Together these elements provide a luxury hotel-like environment where you can feel rejuvenated and reinvigorated every day.

Join us as we explore key design elements to consider when selecting the best shower and bathroom products to suit your new home and lifestyle.

Semi-frameless shower screens

Semi-frameless shower screens are perfect for giving your bathroom a minimalist feel, as the frame structure won’t overpower the room. Semi-frameless screens combine continuous slim-edge frames, which provide durability and strength to the shower screen, with frameless pivot doors that minimise visual interference. They can be much easier to maintain and clean than old-fashioned framed versions as they have less hard-to-reach corners that trap dirt and grime.

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For a sleek, minimalist look; opt for a semi-frameless shower screen that won’t overpower the rest of your bathroom. A semi-fameless screen will minimise visual interference, open up the space and create a more luxurious feel. Featured here: Sacramento, Minta Estate, Berwick.

Shower heads

In addition to style, the performance and experience of your new shower head is one of the main aspects to consider in choosing bathroom fixtures. Ask yourself, what type of shower experience are you after? Who will be using the shower? And how often will it be used? You might choose a different shower head for your bathroom or a guest bathroom than you will for your kids.

It’s important to check out the WELS rating too. This is the Australian water efficiency labelling scheme for comparing different products. The more stars on the label, the more efficient the shower head. A more efficient shower head in the family bathroom has the potential to save thousands of litres per year, translating into longer-term savings for your household and the environment.

Rail showers are a versatile option for the whole family, with adjustable wall heights to suit kids and different height partners or for days you don’t wash your hair. The sleek look of a slide rail with a microphone shower head will offer a timeless modern look.

You can step up the performance and experience with the popular dual-flow shower. It incorporates a diverter to enable seamless transition between gentle overhead rainfall and an invigorating rain shower with adjustable pressures. Round shower heads are always a classic choice, or choose square for more contemporary style.

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How your showerhead performs will impact your showering experience daily. In addition to style, you should choose fixtures that are best suited to your specific needs. Consider who will be using this shower, how often it will be used and the kind of experience you desire. Image credit: Phoenix Tapware

Designer finishes

While metallic finishes like chrome, brass and copper remain a timeless choice for tapware and shower fittings, matt black tapware is undoubtedly staking its claim as a trend in contemporary bathrooms. The latest generation of black shower heads are statement pieces and can be matched with black tapware and cabinetry hardware for a smart and harmonious look.


Tiling a single shower wall as a feature is becoming popular in bathrooms and ensuites to break up expanses of neutral palettes and add dimension to the room. With endless options of tiles to choose from, a feature wall is a great way to inject personality through colour, texture and pattern. Or for a classic and timeless look, porcelain tiles that mimic natural stone are perfect for creating a luxurious shower and bathroom environment.

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The materials used in your shower and throughout your bathroom will influence the overall aesthetic and ambience of the space. Large-format tiles offer a chic look and will create the illusion of a larger space. Featured here: Astoria Grand, Attwell Estate, Deanside.

Little luxuries

Tiled niches provide a neat and tidy solution for keeping shampoo and soap handy, avoiding the chaos of bottles on the floor or ad-hoc racks and shelves.

Cleaning tips

The key to a clean shower is to do it regularly. If left for too long between cleaning, stubborn areas will build up, which can lead to staining. Check out some basic tile cleaning tips here, and refer to your home handover guide for information on regular care and maintenance. Glass shower screens should be cleaned at least once per week to remove soap stains. If left uncleaned, they can etch into the glass leaving permanent damage. For tips on cleaning door hinges and hardware check out the cleaning tips at Regency.

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Your shower makes up a large portion of your bathroom space, so you want it to look stylish and remain clean. Discover some tips and trick to keep your shower looking immaculate and inviting here

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