Choosing a New Roof? Make it a Smart Roof – Here’s Why.

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Choosing a New Roof? Make it a Smart Roof – Here’s Why

So what’s a smart roof? We explain the technical aspects of high-performance roofing, and how it can slash your energy bills and boost indoor comfort.

As one of the biggest surfaces of your home, choosing a new roof is a major decision. And while looks are undeniably important, they’re just one of the factors you should consider. If you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, reduce noise pollution and create a more comfortable indoor environment, one of the latest ‘smart roofing’ products is well worth considering. 

Monier Roofing is a leader in this field, with a range of high-performance concrete and terracotta roof tiles that deliver durability, on-trend looks for different architectural styles, and additional benefits such as superior thermal properties, noise reduction and more. Monier also produces a revolutionary range of solar roofing products that integrate seamlessly into your roofline for a sleek, uncluttered look.

Durable & long-lasting

A new roof is a major investment and you’ll want to know that it will look good for years to come.

Concrete and terracotta roof tiles boast superior colour retention, plus they’re wind-resistant and won’t rust or corrode.

When it comes to performance and colour, Monier terracotta roof tiles are a great choice. They are made from natural Australian clay and fired at a temperature of over 1000°C so the colour is baked right into the tile, which enables them to cope with Australia’s harsh weather conditions and stand the test of time.

Concrete tiles are an economical roofing material on the market and come in the widest selection of colours and profiles of any roof tiles. Concrete tiles get stronger with age and are tested to withstand our harsh climate. Monier’s C-LOC™ Colour Technology boasts gloss retention that lasts long so you know they’ll look incredible year after year.


Durable, sleek and energy-efficient. Learn more about the Monier difference and the benefits of choosing a smart roof. Add value to your home and enjoy the latest innovation and technology from Monier tiles.

Energy efficient & high performance

Did you know that choosing a high-performance smart roof can slash your energy costs and create a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment? In summer your roof space can reach searing temperatures of up to 70 degrees. In addition, moisture build-up in your home can be a destructive force, causing wood rot and encourage mould and mildew growth that can trigger asthma and allergies.

A roof ventilator draws away the heat and replaces it with cooler, ambient air. This not only helps your insulation work more effectively, but significantly cuts your energy bills by reducing your reliance on artificial cooling. And by regularly replacing the air in your roof cavity, ventilation also reduces condensation build-up, which helps prevent moisture-related damage to your home and the health risks associated with mould.

Quality sarking is a great option to consider on a Carlisle home and acts as a secondary barrier to protect your home further by minimising weather-related damage such as wind-driven rain from entering your roof cavity and limiting dust entry. It also helps keep your home naturally cooler in summer and warmer in winter, giving your energy efficiency a further boost.

Concrete and terracotta tiles can be combined with roof sarking and ventilation products to increase your home’s energy efficiency, improve indoor air quality and create a comfortable interior temperature so you’re not reliant on air conditioning. 

Choosing a New Roof? Make it a Smart Roof – Here’s Why

Sarking is applied to the roof to provide extra protection from weather-related damage including rain and dust penetration.

A streamlined solar solution

Harnessing solar power is the natural next step. InlineSOLAR™ system, which is compatible with all Monier tiles, integrates seamlessly into your roofline, bringing you all the benefits of solar while maximising your home’s street appeal. From adding beauty and value to your property to lowering energy bills, reducing your carbon footprint and bringing you more independence from the grid, InlineSOLAR™ gives back to you in ways that other power sources never could.

A calm & quiet home

A quiet, comfortable home is what we’re all striving for, and nothing zaps your zen like noisy neighbours or squealing rubbish trucks. The density and thickness of Monier tiles means they provide significant acoustic protection so you can relax with less disturbances.  

If you want to learn more, the Australian Roof Tile Association (ARTA) offers plenty of detail on the acoustic and thermal performance of roof tiles.

Choosing a New Roof? Make it a Smart Roof – Here’s Why

Harnessing solar power is the natural next step. Monier’s market-leading InlineSOLAR™ system is unparalleled.

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