Transform Your Home with the Magic of Mirrors

by Carlisle Homes


For centuries, mirrors have played an integral role in adding warmth, depth and enhancing spaces whilst adding charm and character.

Today designers consider using mirrors as more than just decorative, but as an addition to architectural lines and forms. By strategically positioning mirrors they can capture the outside landscape and bring an element of green and calm into a room, enhancing the feel of the space.

Body1-1145-x-1576BODY 1.jpg

Image source: Weave in mirrors into the overall design aesthetic by incorporating matching tones as seen at our Cottesloe in Newhaven Estate, Tarneit

Mirrors not only look beautiful; they can transform a room or space - casting an illusion of the room being larger or brighter than it actually is. Mirrors are versatile and can be used as a design element to complete just about any look. Experimenting with mirrors in your home can create a focal point, hide imperfections, bounce around light and add glamour and wow factor.

Shapes, styles and frames of mirrors have changed over the years. Antique mirrors are perfect for formal rooms, with their elaborately detailed gold or silver gilt frames to add a touch of romance. Mid-century and Art Deco designs have had a resurgence and influenced recent design trends that feature round, arch and geometric shapes to add interest and flair.

The types of mirrors are endless, from feature mirrors, to a mirrored gallery on your wall, there are many ways you can use mirrors to add sophistication, style and elegance in your home.

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Entry zones: First impressions count.

Creating a dramatic first impression in your hallway can be as easy as the introduction of mirrors. Harness the power of mirrors to add opulence, creating the illusion of height, space and light.

The striking mirrored feature wall creates a breathtaking entrance as you walk into the Sheraton Grand Deluxe at Jubilee Estate, with battening used to form a detailed pattern of geometrical shapes between the mirrors. This mirrored entrance creates an instant feeling of grandeur and light, reflecting the open-plan formal living zone and the stunning mutiple pendant glass chandelier above.

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Image source: This mid-century reproduction starburst mirror creates instant glamour and wow factor in the hallway of the Sorrento Grand at Eliston Estate, Clyde.

Hallways: The Art of illusion

Mirrors used in hallways serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose. In narrow hallways where artwork can’t be viewed from the right distance, mirrors add interest and a feeling of length in the tight space. In wide hallways, mirrors add depth and reflection when centered on the wall above a hall table, sideboard or buffet.

When selecting mirrors, consider the space surrounding. Entry ways are typically narrow with adjacent rooms. Try strategically placing mirrors opposite open plan rooms to expand the entry space.

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Image source: The Rothwell ensuite at Eliston Estate strategically places a large rectangular mirror above the bath to reflect more of the room, brightening and enlarging the space.

Bathroom Appeal

It wouldn’t be a bathroom without a mirror but that doesn’t mean there aren’t creative ways to use mirrors to add character to any bathroom.

Mirrors are great in tight spaces; in small bathrooms placing a mirror near a light source or across from a window will reflect light and bounce it back into the room – making it feel brighter and enlarging its appearance.

In ensuites with dual vanities, you can opt for one mirror covering the expanse of the vanity for a more spacious feel or select individual mirrors to hang above each sink. On-trend decorative mirrors in round or arch shapes create visual interest and enhance the beauty of the room.

Bathroom mirrors are not just for vanities either; placing a mirror on the wall above the bath adds depth to a space and creates the luxurious feel of a boutique hotel.

Designer quote: “Lately we have noticed a New York Loft inspired trend of using suspended mirrors in bathrooms. Suspended from the ceiling or wall, these mirrors hang to create a focal point. They can also serve a dual purpose of separating back-to-back vanities in a small space.”

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Image source: This oblong dressing mirror in our Montague Grand at Woodlea Estate, elevates the look of the entire room.

Dressing mirrors

Whilst a mirror is an obvious must have for a dressing room or walk-in-robe they can also add wow factor when used creatively. We love the visual appeal that’s created when you lean a tall, slender mirror against a wall. Or the design elements that really pop when you bring in an arch or oval shaped mirror to an otherwise traditional space.

The frame changes everything. It’s easy to add finesse and elegance to a space, even rectangular floor mirrors now come in luxurious finishes such as marble and brass.

Body6-1145-x-1576-v2-Body 6.jpg

Image source: The stylish oversized arch mirror is the ideal shape to complement the nordic style of the Langholm at Newhaven Estate. Strategically placed in the dining room, this mirror adds dimension reflecting the open-plan room and bringing the outdoors in.

Formal living

Since the Georgian Period mirrors have leant themselves to formal living spaces to create beauty and reflection. In our homes today, lounge and dining rooms have become the traditional space for feature mirrors.

Placing mirrors near a statement lighting piece, such as a chandelier, reflects light and enhances an already beautiful and dramatic feature in the room. Whilst during the day drawing in natural light and borrowing from the outside elements.

Bonus tip: According to Feng Shui principles, a mirror in the living room has the potential to magnify energy.

Body7-1576-x-2000-BODY 7.jpg

Image source: The feature fireplace in the loungeroom of the Sorrento Grand Retreat is complemented by an ornate circular mirror - resulting in the ideal balance and focal point for conversation


Fireplaces are a wonderful addition to a home, adding warmth and providing a place for family to congregate in the winter months. The traditional placement of a mirror above a fireplace can add timeless style and elegance. Experts suggest that you hang a mirror 10-15cm above the top of the mantle. Alternatively, the mirror should be positioned symmetrically between the mantle and the ceiling.

Designer tip: Balance is everything - the width of the mirror should not be wider than the mantle itself.

“We use mirrors to not only reflect the room but also the personality of the home owner. Think of them like the frame to the artwork that is your home. If you have a favourite area of your house - add a mirror to reflect this area and double the pleasure of the space!”
- Danielle Taylor, Carlisle Homes Interior Design Manager

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