2024 Pendant Lighting Trends You Need to Know

by Carlisle Homes

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Meet five of our favourite pendant light trends of 2024, all guaranteed to beautifully brighten your home.

There’s nothing like a great pendant light to finish off a room. “Use it to help anchor or accentuate a space, create an eye-catching focal point, or add another layer of detail,” says Jessica Hodges, Interior Design Manager at Carlisle Homes. “You can also use a pendant in place of overhead downlights to give a room a cosier and more intimate feel.”

Our interior design team has used show-stopping pendant lights throughout our 70+ display homes to create impact and atmosphere, so come and take a look!

“Depending on the style of the home, we’ll typically use gorgeous white, black or brass fittings,” says Hodges. “For a special application, we might splurge on a handcrafted design in timber veneer, or a feature pendant in marble or linen. To create a contemporary, asymmetrical look in some of our displays, we’ve also clustered ceiling fittings, such as a cluster of cylindrical downlights over a dining table or one end of a kitchen island.”

Wondering about the latest pendant lighting trends of 2024? Here, Hodges shines a light on five of the best.  

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Curvaceous pendant lights can be a great way to soften a minimalist room scheme and make it more inviting, and they look fantastic individually or hung in clusters.

1. Curvy and spherical styles

When it comes to trends in pendant lighting, curvaceous styles come out tops in 2024. “With their curvy, organic lines, they bring softness and fluidity to a space, and feel very much of the moment. They’re also very versatile; simple, rounded pendants lend themselves to a wide range of interior styles, from classic to contemporary,” says Hodges.

To capture this look, try an oversized spherical pendant in metal or woven rattan over your dining table, a cluster of globe-shaped pendants over your kitchen island, or a small, frosted-glass orb suspended over your bedside table in place of a traditional table lamp.

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Handcrafted pendant lights in metal, wood, porcelain or linen bring an art-like sensibility to a space, and can be a great way to introduce some personality and interest.

2. Artisanal lighting

Expect to see artisanal pendants coming through in 2024, which are perfect for bringing a personal and unique edge to your interior. “Think handcrafted fittings in all manner of bold, sculptural and interesting shapes, crafted from materials like hand-forged metal, fine wirework, porcelain and slubby linen,” says Hodges. “These elegant, artistic pieces create a captivating focal point, be it in a living room, kitchen, dining room or even an ensuite, and can be a great way to express your personality.”

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A light fitting in a woven material like jute, seagrass or bamboo adds a warm and earthy element to any room, and gently filters the light to create a soft and inviting glow.

3. Nature-inspired

When talking trending pendant lights, you can’t go past nature-inspired – a look that taps into homeowners’ current passion for all things eco-friendly. Pendants in natural materials like wood, jute, seagrass and bamboo are popping up everywhere in 2024, and they’re an easy way to connect your interior with the landscape. “Pendants in natural material, particularly woven ones, bring a lovely texture to a home, and they filter the light in a way that’s gentle and beautiful,” says Hodges. “They suit a variety of interior styles, including coastal, Hamptons, boho and modern country.”

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A plain glass pendant-light fitting is no longer your only option – choose from all manner of creative styles, such as smoked, coloured or ribbed glass, for a classic-with-a-twist vibe.

4. Glass gets a glow-up

Lighting designers are getting creative with glass in 2024, experimenting with new ways to use this timeless material to bring magic and charm to our homes.

Among the latest trends in pendant lighting, you’ll find elegant pendants in smoked, coloured glass, textural, fluted glass fixtures with a retro feel, and striking, mid-century-inspired styles in creamy opal glass. “Not only do these fixtures look stunning, but the glass itself creates a soft, warm glow that enhances any room it’s in,” says Hodges. “Plus, they’re ideal for adding texture and visual interest, without visually cluttering up a space.”

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Capture the essence of ‘quiet luxury’ – a design trend that’s centred around comfort and timelessness – with pendant lights in simple shapes and soft, natural tones, or minimalist wooden chandeliers.

5. Quiet luxury

Quiet luxury – one of 2024’s biggest design movements – is all about simplicity and refinement. Room schemes are mindfully curated, and feature gentle, muted colours, and pieces in pared-back shapes and natural materials that are made to last. For lighting, think sculptural, minimalist pendants and simple orb lights with punches of sleek black steel or brass, or simple, linear wooden chandeliers.

For a room that exudes effortless elegance, consider an oversized linen drum shade in a soft, earthy colour like pebble or beige in your meals area, a woven seagrass pendant in crisp white above your bathroom vanity, or a pair of striking frosted glass and brass orb pendants suspended over your kitchen bench, fitted with warm bulbs to create an inviting glow.


Expert advice for choosing well

Jessica Hodges shares her must-know pendant lighting tips to help you buy with confidence, and hang your pendant for maximum impact.

For a contemporary look: Try a cluster of pendants or a delicate, linear pendant over a dining table. For over a kitchen bench, consider a trio of oversized pendants or try something a bit different with a single pendant installed asymmetrically to one side.

To create a classic look: Space your light fittings evenly, and consider timeless pendant styles like glass lanterns. Or reinforce the classic feel with wall sconces installed symmetrically.

Proportion is important: You don’t want your light fitting to look too small compared with the furniture piece beneath it, such as a dining or bedside table, otherwise it can get lost in the space. As a rule of thumb, I like light fittings to be about one third of the width of a bedside table or a round dining table.

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