Brighten & Enhance Your Bathroom with a Smart Mirror

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Brighten & Enhance Your Bathroom with a Smart Mirror

Forget basic bathroom mirrors – the latest styles boast high-tech functions and designer looks to elevate your bathing experience.

 A great bathroom mirror does more than just aid your beauty regime – it can make your bathroom feel bigger and brighter by bouncing light around while adding personality and style to the space. And today’s designs are better than ever, boasting high-tech features and improved functionality that make getting ready in the morning a breeze.

We’re delighted to offer a range of stunning, smart mirrors and mirror shaving cabinets from leading manufacturer Remer for your new Carlisle home. Whether you’re looking to add a cosy glow to the space with LED backlighting or want to go hi-tech with a mirror featuring an integrated clock or Bluetooth connectivity, Remer does it all.

Brighten & Enhance Your Bathroom with a Smart Mirror

Remer offers high-quality mirrors with smart-technology and contemporary styles — to complement the aesthetic of your Carlisle bathroom.

Who is Remer?

Remer is an Australian company that specialises in premium, illuminated smart mirrors. A popular choice with architects, builders, and interior designers nationwide since the brand was established in 2017. Remer illuminated smart materials are renowned for their high-tech functionality and chic, contemporary styling that reflects the latest global bathroom trends.

Read on to get acquainted with the beautiful, high-performance Remer mirrors available for your new bathrooms.

Brighten & Enhance Your Bathroom with a Smart Mirror

Bright and modern — large mirrors are trending like never before, and one that has made a comeback is round mirrors. Featured here: Sorrento Grand, Redstone Estate, Sunbury.

Eclipse Mirror Collection

Round mirrors are one of the biggest trends in bathroom design right now, bringing both softness and a modern edge to a space.

Remer’s Eclipse Mirror is one of the most impressive models on the market. With a dimmable, LED light integrated into the rim, it allows you to turn up the illumination level so you can easily perform tasks such as putting on your makeup and then turn down the lighting level to create a cosy glow in your bathroom when you want to relax.

And you’ll never have to experience the irritation of a steamed-up mirror again; the Eclipse Mirror has both demister and anti-fog functions that keep the surface of the mirror crisp and pristine, however hot you like your showers.

The Remer Eclipse Mirror measures 800mm in diameter and comes with either a slender matte-black or matte-white frame to suit different bathroom styles.

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Remer mirrors are available in a variety of shapes, and choosing a slimline oval-shaped mirror can add a bit of glitz to your Carlisle bathroom. Featured here: Montague Grand, Woodlea Estate, Aintree.

Gatsby D Mirror

Add instant sophistication to your bathroom with an oval-shaped mirror, such as Remer’s Gatsby D Mirror, over your vanity. This curvy beauty features soft-glow LED backlighting, which provides practical task lighting so you can perform grooming tasks and create an atmospheric glow at night. The illumination is also powerful enough to be used as the sole light in your bathroom, if you prefer.

The Gatsby D features special demister pads that prevent the build-up of steam after a hot shower, keeping the surface fog-free and crystal clean.

The refined, slimline frame come in a choice of luxurious finishes, including matt black, gunmetal, nickel and brass. The mirror measures 450W x 900H mm.  

Vera Mirror

An updated version of a classic mirror shaving cabinet, the Vera Mirror combines sleek lines, ample storage, and the latest mirror technology. Soft-glow LED lighting is integrated into a picture frame border, which is activated by discreet, touch controls. Plus, it boasts a clever demister function to keep the surface of the mirror pristine and fog-free after a hot shower.

The Vera Mirror sits neatly against your wall surface and comes in a choice of two sizes: 1200W x 700H x 450D mm and 1500W x 700H x 450D mm.

Brighten & Enhance Your Bathroom with a Smart Mirror

For the ultimate bathroom experience, get acquainted with the Remer mirror range available at Carlisle. 

Miro Mirror Collection

For the ultimate in personalised luxury, have your illuminated smart mirror custom-sized to suit your bathroom. The Miro Mirror Collection is a bespoke collection of premium, backlit rectangular bathroom mirrors that can be sized from 750x900mm to 1800x850mm, making them the perfect choice for everything from small powder rooms to large, family bathrooms.

State-of-the-art Miro Mirrors come loaded with impressive features, including LED backlights, demisting and defogging functions, Bluetooth audio connectivity, a digital clock, touch controls, and a magnifier to help streamline your grooming routine. And with their crisp, minimalist lines, they are guaranteed to elevate the look and feel of your bathing retreat. 

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