A Guide to Choosing Your Window Dressings

by Carlisle Homes

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Blinds, shutters and awnings bring additional protection and style to any space. Here’s what you should consider when it comes to window dressings for your home-

Window coverings and furnishings are often last on the to-do list – a task for once you have moved into your new home. However, it is wise to think about blinds, shutters and awnings earlier in the design process, so you can take full advantage of their ability to complement your interior décor and increase your home’s thermal efficiency.

Window furnishings can be specified as an upgrade during your visit to Spectra.

Different styles of window coverings

Plantation shutters are the favourite of many new homeowners. White painted shutters will create a beachy Hamptons feel. Plantation shutters provide great flexibility with the option to open them for an uninterrupted view; tilt the slats for filtered privacy and air circulation; or close the slats completely to block out light.

Roller blinds are very versatile with many different combinations and variations to meet your requirements based on purpose, elevation and privacy. A double roller with a combination of a sheer blind will reduce heat during the day but still maximise natural light, while a full blockout blind will ensure privacy once the sun goes down. With an extensive range of fabrics, you can choose a neutral or bold colour to complement your palette, or a patterned design will turn your windows into a feature.

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White venetian blinds are perfect for your bathroom space. They keep the room feeling bright and connected to the outdoors – whilst offering total privacy when required

Roman blinds with draped folds of fabric will also create a feature, and can be used to soften the outline of a window or sliding door. With blockout and sheer options plus a large range of fabrics, roman blinds can create a bold or ornate décor effect in a room.

Aluminium venetian blinds provide classic style with a contemporary edge. This look suits a variety of interiors and the blinds have adjustable controls to regulate light, glare and UV penetration

White timber venetians set into the window reveal in the Sheraton Grand Deluxe in Jubilee provide privacy and block out light, and sheer drapes soften the window treatment.

In the Granada Grand Bedroom displayed at Kaduna Park, Officer South, white venetian blinds are paired with a darker linen sheer to create a contemporary look. The drape fabric also picks up the tones of the feature wall for a harmonious interior décor.

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Create a contemporary look that is practical too! Consider pairing your venetian blinds with sheer linen curtains to add texture and complement tones around the room.

Curtains can create endless interior décors. Choose sheer fabrics for a romantic decorative style, or heavy drapes for luxurious, lavish effects. Curtain fabrics are available in an extensive range of colours, textures and weights, and can be custom made to fit any window or door configuration.

There are really no rules when it comes to matching window furnishings and décors. It comes down to colour and texture and your personal style and taste. The Gatsby Living styled Arlington 25 at the Newhaven Estate, Tarneit, features black rods and eyelets as a contrast to the soft neutral tones in the master bedroom.

The Winter Living-themed Clovelly at Woodlea Estate features printed sheer fabrics for an organic and romantic result.

Black window frames are a popular choice due to their compatibility with other external façade elements. While they look smart outside, it’s easy to soften the effect inside with white sheer drapes.

Practical considerations for window coverings

Window coverings will differ room by room, so don’t be restricted to one type or style for your home. Consider how the room will be used and its elevation, window orientation and outlook.

Some rooms will require a block-out solution, which can be paired with a sheer or linen drape to soften the look and create a warm homely feel.

Leaving highlight windows untreated will allow additional light to filter inside, especially in double-storey homes when privacy is not an issue.

The right choice of window treatments can make a significant difference to your heating and cooling costs. By reducing the heat during summer and keeping the warmth inside during winter, window coverings are both energy- and cost-efficient and start to pay for themselves.

Pelmets can even be a design feature, marking or softening to the transition to an alfresco area, as in Amberley Living at Harpley, Werribee, where drapes are not practical.

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Prioritise energy-efficiency and additional comfort for your family and friends! Window treatments can make a significant impact on your heating and cooling costs - and help to regulate temperatures in those light-filled, open spaces where guests love to gather. Featured here: Amberley, Harpley Estate, Werribee.

Laundry areas shouldn’t miss out on window coverings. Simple venetian blinds in the Matisse Laundry at Berwick Waters, Clyde North, are not only good looking, they are designed for practicality. They can be split into two blinds so one side can be up and the other side down.

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When it comes to selecting the right window dressings for a room; consider how much direct heat the room receives throughout the year. Both aluminium and timber venetian blinds have adjustable controls to regulate light, glare and UV penetration. 

There are many benefits to adding external shading to your home down the track. To blocking direct heat and increase comfort levels during the summer; consider adding café blinds, tropical louvres or zip track screens to your alfresco area, or external awnings to your sun-facing elevations.

If your new home is an investment property, the roller blind is a practical choice as it requires minimal cleaning and neutral tones will suit most interior styles. A hot tip: If you dislike the fiddly cleaning of blinds and shutter as much as us, you can always call in a cleaning professional and let someone else tackle the dust.

An important note about safety: loose blind and curtain cords are a serious hazard for children and pets. It is important to check your cords frequently to ensure they are out of children’s reach, and new blinds should always be installed in accordance with ACCC safety alert guidelines.

Window coverings at Spectra Selection Centre

A visit to Spectra will give you lots of ideas about what products you might include in your selections and new home contract. The team can provide a full quote for your home based on your selected house plans. However, a site measure at the lock-up stage is required to allow for any window modifications. By including window coverings early in the process, you have the option to coordinate installation to coincide with the handover of your house, so you can start enjoying your new home straight away.

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