Heat & Cool Your Home Smarter with Rinnai

by Carlisle Homes

Heat & Cool Your Home Smarter with Rinnai

Keep your interior temperature comfortable and consistent, whatever the weather, with a heating and cooling system from the best in the business – Rinnai.

Maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature on those searing hot days and chilly winter nights and having a hot-water system you can rely on is crucial for a happy, smooth-running home – and no one does it better than Rinnai.

We proudly offer the latest, high-performance heating and cooling systems and solar hot water systems from market-leading brand Rinnai as optional upgrades for your new Carlisle home.

Heat & Cool Your Home Smarter with Rinnai

Discover the Rinnai range for your new Carlisle home.

Rinnai, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of heating, cooling and hot water systems, is a trusted household name that is synonymous with quality and reliability. In Australia, Rinnai has three world-class manufacturing facilities in Victoria and South Australia, supported by an extensive sales and distribution network.

Australian homeowners have been enjoying the comfort, convenience and reliability of Rinnai products for over 50 years, and now you can too.

Learn how Rinnai’s smart, energy-efficient heating, cooling and solar hot water systems can turn your new Carlisle home into a comfortable haven.

Heat & Cool Your Home Smarter with Rinnai

Carlisle is proud to offer the latest, high-performance heating and cooling systems and solar hot water systems from market-leading brand Rinnai. Featured here: Montague Grand Deluxe, Orana Estate, Clyde North.

Solar Hot water

Protect yourself against rising energy costs and save on water heating bills with a Rinnai solar hot water system.

With this system, solar panels on your roof harness the energy of the sun, which is then captured and used to heat your home’s water. The tank continuously heats throughout the day, providing reliable and instant hot water in every room of your home.

The Rinnai solar hot water packages include a supplementary gas solar booster, which ensures that you never run out of hot water, even on cloudy days.

For even greater control, add a hot water controller so you can set your desired hot water temperature in an instant.


Gas ducted heating

Gas ducted heating is a cost-effective form of heating, especially compared with other options such as reverse-cycle heating. Rinnai’s highly efficient, whole-home gas ducted heating draws the air from your interior through a warm heater, which is then distributed to the rooms of your choice. The ductwork is strategically placed throughout your home to provide heating where you need it – this is called ‘zoned heating’.

Gas ducted heating provides a steady, gentle supply of warm air, and is less drying than reverse cycle heating for a more comfortable indoor environment.

Upgrade to ducted heating plus cooling

Enjoy the best of both worlds by upgrading to a Rinnai gas ducted heating plus refrigerated cooling. It uses the same ductwork for both heating and cooling, and can be zoned in exactly the same way so you can enjoy the perfect indoor temperature year-round.


Ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning

Rinnai’s ducted air conditioning system provides powerful and efficient, year-round cooling and heating, plus it also dehumidifies and filters the air so you can enjoy a healthy indoor environment.

Use it to throughout your home or choose a multi-zone system that heats and cools specific areas, such as bedrooms or living areas, to minimise operating costs.

Keen to find other ways to keep your power bills down? The Rinnai system has the option of added motion sensors, which allow the system automatically adjust the temperature if it doesn’t detect movement in a room for 10 or 20 minutes, which can save you up to 20% on energy costs.

Controlling your Rinnai ducted reverse-cycle air conditioner is easy – use the wall-mounted control pad or connect it to the MyAir Controller app and set the ideal temperature from your phone (a feature that comes in incredibly handy if you’re away from home and want to come back to a cool or warm house!).


Evaporative cooling

Evaporative coolers are a smart, energy-efficient way to cool your home if you live in a hot, dry climate. They work best in areas where humidity is typically below 25% on summer days.

The Rinnai evaporative heating system consists of a central unit on your roof, which connects to a series of outlets throughout your home. It draws fresh into the system, which is passed through moistened pads and filtered. The cool, clean air, which feels much like a refreshing breeze, is then distributed throughout your home.

Unlike refrigerated air conditioning, an evaporative cooler will work when your doors and windows are open, making it a good choice if you do a lot of alfresco entertaining in the summer months. 

Be energy savvy

To compare the energy efficiency of electric heating and cooling systems (such as reverse-cycle air conditioners), look at the energy-star rating, which tells you how much energy it consumes. The more stars out of six, the more energy-efficient the system.

Each extra energy star gives you an energy saving of around 10%.

Visit our new Spectra Showroom to see the full range of Rinnai heating, cooling and solar water products available for your new Carlisle home, or to have a chat with our friendly team about which system is best for you – contact us here.


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