5 Steps to Effortless Style with Pastel Colour Schemes

by Carlisle Homes

5 steps to effortless style with pastel

When it comes to interior trends it’s clear that pastel home decor is back in a big way – and we’re so in love.

The muted tones of mint green, powder pink, lemon chiffon and delphinium blue, to name but a few, add a sense of calm and simplicity to any space while also bringing a gentle pop of colour. They also work beautifully together, as long as they are the same depth and tone, and will give a subtle lift to whites and pale grey tones.

In fact we think their versatility makes pastel colour schemes the perfect alternative to the neutral palette - and they’re just as easy to enhance, update and make your own with carefully selected furnishings.

In this post we’ll share a few of our favourite things that pop and pair perfectly with pastel decor choices.

#1 Include blonde timbers and natural materials

Natural, gentle materials such as blonde timbers and subtle marbles are the perfect way to introduce texture and interest to a muted palette.

The naturally occurring differentiations - unique marbling and gradations of stone, knots, imperfections and variety of colour in timbers – work beautifully against a backdrop of soft and gentle colours.

Try a raw wood coffee table over a dusky pink printed rug or light timber floorboards with eggshell yellow or neo mint walls – there’s no end of possibilities when it comes to this perfect pairing.

5 steps to effortless style with pastel

Portland Living as displayed at Minta Estate, Berwick

#2 Take a Scandinavian approach

Scandinavian style interiors have become increasingly popular since the 1950s and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. The timeless elements of light muted colours, timbers, clean lines and simple accents blend effortlessly into any interior. What’s not to love?

Pastel home decor will add warmth and personality to this classic look. Team a Scandi interior with a mix of baby pink, frosted blue and soft teal scatter cushions, or a large print with a burst of pastels on the wall.

5 steps to effortless style with pastel

Springwood Bedroom as displayed at Woodlea Estate, Aintree

#3 Add pops of metallic

So on-trend right now are subtle pops of metallics. Whether in the form of light fittings, a piece of furniture or even soft furnishings like cushions, metallic accents add a sense of fun and luxe to a muted palette.

The key is not to go overboard – too much metallic will dominate the space. Keep it to one or two features per room – an assortment of vases on a side table, or a matt gold tap fitting in your bathroom is enough to create interest and give the room a lift.

5 steps to effortless style with pastel

Springwood Living as displayed at Woodlea Estate, Aintree

#4 Bring the garden indoors

Another increasingly popular interior feature we absolutely love is the use of indoor plants to soften and bring life to a room.

A contrasting mix of greens and textures are the perfect accompaniment to a muted pastel palette.

And, as an added bonus, many varieties of plants are also natural air purifiers, so as well as looking great, they also create a clean and de-stressed sanctuary for your home.

Go for low maintenance varieties that don’t require direct sunlight - such as the peace lily, rubber tree, golden pothos or philodendron and avoid your indoor garden from looking to uniform by choosing planters and plant stands of varying heights and sizes.

5 steps to effortless style with pastel

Beaumont Rumpus

#5 Embrace matt surfaces

Industrial-inspired matt surfaces are now popular in residential homes according to interior designer experts – low reflective matt and grey concrete look surfaces for benchtops, appliances and décor are taking over from the high gloss look we all know.

And the good news is this understated, natural look teams up perfectly with our pastel colour scheme.

The toned-down beauty of matt finishes can be incorporated into your home in the form of tiles, bathroom vanity and kitchen bench tops or you could seek out concrete look decorative bowls, vases or plant pots that can be swapped in and out to keep the look fresh.

5 steps to effortless style with pastel

Portland Kitchen as displayed at Cloverton Estate, Kalkallo

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