Great Value Facades

by Carlisle Homes


Carlisle Homes' approach to facade design means that every home we build looks beautiful and stands the test of time.

A beautifully designed facade is so important. It’s the first thing you see each time you pull into your driveway, the first thing friends and family see when they visit, and the part of your home that gives something back to the local community, adding a new, visually pleasing element to the streetscape. And because it’s so influential in shaping perceptions of your home, it will maximise the long-term financial value of your property.

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High-quality materials, exceptional value

Carlisle Homes ensures our facades combine high-quality materials and finishes in a way that is integrated with the design of your home. Every home includes several different facade designs in its base price, with no additional cost. You can also choose from a long list of facade upgrade options, but the bottom line is that a fantastic facade is part of every home we build.

The starting point for any facade is your home’s wall construction and roof cladding, and Carlisle Homes offers an extensive range of colour options from respected suppliers, including Austral Bricks, PGH Bricks and Monier Roofing. Features are then added to complement and contrast with those bricks and tiles. Rendered details, for example, adds depth to a facade, accents of timber and stone bring authenticity and texture, and raised porches and designer double doors make for a grand entrance.

In double-storey homes, a balcony brings a new, dynamic element to some facades. Even more so, if it features glass balustrading. But no single element is ever the “showstopper”. Rather, everything comes together harmoniously, elevating the look of your house and making it a place you’re proud to call home.


Facades with a Hebel external wall system

A popular option for Carlisle Homes customers is to build with the Hebel's system rather than bricks. This rendered masonry product is integrated with a broad range of highly refined facade designs and comes with the advantage of providing a fully rendered finish to your entire home at no extra cost! But its benefits go well beyond good looks.

The Hebel system, designed and developed in Australia by CSR, uses panels made from steel-reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete. This provides strength and durability, but also superior insulation properties. The panels outperform brick veneer for heat transference, so you use less energy for heating and cooling, and they reduce transmission of sound, meaning you’ll enjoy a quieter home with less outside noise. They’re non-combustible and termite resistant too.

All of this from a product with significantly less embodied energy than conventional concrete or brick veneer. And the icing on the cake? During construction, each Hebel panel is the equivalent of 75 traditional bricks, so your home gets built more efficiently and timelines are reduced. 

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Making facade design easier for you

Whether you choose bricks or Hebel panels, the simplest way to guarantee that your home has a beautiful facade is to follow one of the external colour schemes created by Carlisle Homes’ expert home designers.

For customers who want to experiment with different facade options, we offer the Carlisle Visualiser, a powerful online tool that enables you to choose from hundreds of textures, materials and colours, and with just a few mouse clicks, watch your facade appear before your eyes. You can save, share and change your design until you achieve the desired effect. And if you need some inspiration, you can always explore the facades in our online Inspire Gallery.

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