Ascend to Success: Make a Statement with Your Stairs

by Carlisle Homes


Join us as we explore the elements of a staircase that can add the ‘wow’ factor to your home.

Selecting a staircase for your new home takes more than just picking your favourite style and finish. You may be surprised to learn that a staircase has many different parts that will need to be considered when designing your home.

At Carlisle Homes, we strive to help you make the best decisions for your new home, so we have created a handy guide to help you learn the different elements of a staircase and demystify some of the jargon you’re likely to encounter when selecting one for your home.

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Let’s learn the language of stairs.

The Steps

The steps are themselves made up of different components. Get to know them below:

  • Treads: Treads are the flat boards that you step on, usually made of timber or MDF. You can choose to leave your treads exposed for a luxurious timber staircase, or carpet them so they are quieter and softer under foot. 
  • Risers: Risers are the vertical boards that go between each tread, connecting them together. They can either be open or closed – with closed meaning they visibly connect the treads and open meaning there’s open space between each tread.
  • Landing: This is a flat platform that sits at the bottom of the stairs, and sometimes in the middle of the staircase.

The Support

Here, we’re referring to what supports the treads and risers (the steps). We call these stringers, which are seen side-on from the staircase.

  • Closed stringers: This is one straight beam that runs from the top to the bottom of the staircase. These tend to conceal the treads and risers.
  • Cut stringers: These sit underneath the treads and risers, meaning you can see the edge profile of the steps.
  • Mitred margins: Some stringers come with a timber edge that zigzags up the side of the staircase. This is referred to as a mitred margin.

The Handrail

This one is a bit more self-explanatory as it is the piece of timber you hold on to as you walk up or down the stairs. However, it’s worth bearing in mind its different attributes.

  • Drop-down feature: When the handrail stops at the end of the staircase then drops straight down to the landing or floor.
  • Newel post: A post that sits at both the top and the bottom of the stairs, with a handrail connecting the two. Newel posts are often decorative and essential to a Hamptons style staircase.
  • Balusters/Balustrade: A baluster or balustrade will sit between handrail and the treads. Balustrades usually are made up of glass panels, or a series of timber, steel or stainless-steel rods.

With these terms at your disposal, you can climb your way to success by building a jaw-dropping staircase for your home.

See staircases in action at our Carlisle Display Homes and our brand new Spectra Showroom, and leave with a dose of inspiration.


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