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Exploring our display homes in the Geelong region offers a wealth of opportunities for exploration. Consider a lifestyle where in just 40 minutes, you can reach the scenic coastline, while a short drive takes you to the heart of Geelong or to the convenient Avalon Airport. Discover our Geelong display homes and charming local community villages, and you will understand that you can truly have the best of both worlds living in Geelong. While visiting our display homes in Geelong, be sure to chat with our expert Sales Consultant, and feel free to ask as many questions as you’d like about living by the coast in your brand-new Carlisle home.   

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Frequently asked questions

Understanding the differences between a display home and a display village

Sometimes the jargon within the new home-building industry can be a little confusing, so let’s start at the very beginning. A display home village such as those in Geelong, consists of multiple display homes built by a number of different builders within the same estate. A display home is a single house built within this specific display village or estate. A display village offers customers the opportunity to compare, contrast and walk through a variety of display homes from different builders including design, size and style. It is an easy way to get a good sense of who you may like to build with, and what type of home you may require.

Is it necessary to make an appointment to visit one of your display homes in Geelong?

Please come and visit us whenever you can - there is no appointment necessary! Our Geelong display home opening times vary between locations, so please be sure to check our most up-to-date opening hours here. We assure you our display homes open in Geelong are well worth the visit.

What to expect when visiting one of our display homes in Geelong.

Our display homes in Geelong provide a great opportunity for you to walk-through your possible future home and get a feel for the space and quality that you can expect when you build with Carlisle. Explore our home designs, abundance of fittings and fixtures, the latest interior design trends and styling, and landscaping ideas that you can translate into your own home build. You can also expect helpful customer service from our knowledge Sales Consultants, who will be there to assist you throughout your entire new home journey.

Is there anything I need to bring when I visit a display village?

Think about the things you’d like to remember or record from your display home visit. Our recommendation is to bring a notebook and pen to take notes for when you walk through our display homes or when you’re chatting with our sales team. You can bring along a list of questions too! Our team are always ready to help! A measuring tape to measure room dimensions and furniture layouts, and a camera to take photos of your preferences and favourite homes is also a good idea.

Are there certain questions I should ask when visiting a display home?

After visiting one of our display homes in Geelong, it’s best to sit with a member of our sales team and ask as many questions as you’d like. A good place to start is the neighbourhood and community amenities to get a good understanding of the estate that you may want to build. When it comes to the home, consider any questions you have about the floorplan including the level of inclusions, whether you can make any changes or include any customisation options, the energy efficiency of the home, the build process, warranty periods and service you can expect from the Carlisle team. Our team are here to guide you on your path to new home ownership every step of the way.

Making the most of your display home visit

The best place to start when you’re considering visiting one of our display homes in Geelong is to check the opening hours. Be prepared to spend some time within the display centre to not just explore the home designs, but consider how you may live in each of the homes, what preferences you have, and what design features you need to include in your new home to see you through your lifestyle now, but also into the future. Consider living spaces, bedroom size, bathroom amenities and inclusion choices. With over 100 different floorplans available for you to choose from, you can be sure that you’ll find something to suit your lifestyle with Carlisle.

Are your display homes open on public holidays?

Most of our Carlisle display homes in Geelong and throughout Melbourne are open on public holidays, excluding Good Friday and a brief closure over the Christmas period. To find our latest opening hours, please refer to our list of display home locations here.

Can customers purchase ex-display homes?

It’s understandable you would want to live in one of our beautiful display homes, and you can! With our Carlisle display homes available for sale at different times of the year, you could have the opportunity to own your very own piece of luxury. Explore our display homes currently for sale here.

Want to buy one of our display homes in the Geelong region?

Purchasing one of our gorgeous display homes offers a unique opportunity to own a new home without the wait. Our display homes showcase the latest trends in design, ensuring a modern and stylish living space with top-quality fixtures and fittings. What's more, with your purchase of a display home, you'll also receive our comprehensive structural warranty, providing confidence in the enduring quality of your investment. The best way to get access to our display homes for sale is to subscribe to our mailing list.

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Looking for display villages in Geelong?

Download our estate maps to see where our homes are on display across popular display home villages in the Geelong region.

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