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Pattern styling like a boss

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Pattern styling like a boss

Pattern styling like a boss

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When we think patterns, we see sleek design or perhaps repetitive configuration to add wow factor to the home. But in order to keep things simple, our focus tends to lean towards plush pillows in textured fabrics, rugs and wall-paper, bold furnishings and feature walls. Our intention is to create a relaxed and comfortable environment but also to make a statement of style and individuality. So if it’s soft and subtle or bold and brash interior design inspiration you are looking for, pattern is the way to nail your chosen visual intention.

Grey is the new Black
Contemporary homes absorb shades of grey and charcoal so beautifully and this colour combo is on trend right now, and when combined with a daring rug, the tone is set for a ripple effect to incorporate other accents. Lighter hues of similar colour add depth and pops of blush and citrus, provide symmetry to the room as well. Think outside the box and add a rug in the kitchen area which is traditionally left bare. Bold is best here indeed!

Images found at (left) (middle) Augusta on display at Greenvale Gardens Estate Greenvale (right)

Citrus Crush
Once again contemporary neutral tones look fabulous when teamed with wooden floors and patterned wallpaper or rugs. All these extra layers of texture, add a cosiness to the space without compromising on style and elegance. Citrus tones literally burst with colour and wall art helps complete the picture. Side-tables and ottomans are a final stroke of artistic genius.

Images found at (left) Aspen on display at Eucalypt Estate, Wollert (right) Manuka on display at Merrifield Estate Mickleham

Statement Pieces
Incorporate brass or natural elements like wood to create an opulent interior design. Statement pieces are sometimes all you need to set off a room, or you could be bold and fabulous and incorporate the feature wall design to mirror the patterns in your statement piece themselves (like cushions and ottoman). It’s a very clever way of bringing balance to the home.

Images found at (left) Sanctuary on display at Somerfield Estate Keysborough (middle) Cottesloe on display at Highgrove Estate (right) Claremont on display at Eucalypt Estate Wollert

Colour my Palette
Mix clean and classic lines with layers of pattern, tinged with glass and cooper, then anchor the room with bold furnishings. Incorporating patterned wall paper and rugs into the mix, enhances tone and style, creating a sophisticated, warm and inviting space. Statement pieces can also be striking and won’t over power the overall aesthetic if you follow themes, like block colours and accessories that have a repeat pattern running through them - think cushions or art work, lamps and linen too.

Images found at (left) Canterbury as displayed at Somerfield Estate Keysborough (right)

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