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Man tour for Father’s Day

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Man tour for Father’s Day

Man tour for Father’s Day

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In an age of ongoing battles for gender equality, it does seem a little in bad taste to describe a décor as masculine or feminine, at the very least it’s an interesting dinner party conversation! However, there are a few finishes, textures and of course colour palettes that do seem to have a more ‘manly’ feel about them.

In an ode to the special Dads in our life, let’s take a ‘man tour’ of our displays, and explore how to find the balance between the yin and yang for design cohesion…

Indiana on display at Featherbrrok Estate and the Winslow on display at Williams Landing Estate for a distinct masculine tone.

Sporting décor and animal artwork give the Colorado on display at Harpley Estate and the Atlantique mk4 on display at Berwick Waters a macho impression.

His and hers harmony
So, how do you blend Venus and Mars to create a perfectly balanced household? Here’s 5 ideas to get you started on the right track.

  1. Colour palettes 
    The fact is more often than not, darker moody palettes resonate with men, while softer shades suit the female touch. To find the happy place in between, simplify to a two colour scheme to combine the best of both worlds. Perhaps it is a bolder colour for the feature wall, and layer with various shades of this main colour and crisp whites.

  2. Textural contrast
    While rough edges and raw materials tend to speak masculinity, a blend of textures in a neutral palette can help create a pleasing balance. Timber features complemented by neutral chunky knits and cushions say manly with a soft side!

  3. Blurred lines 
    Maybe it is reflective of the human form, but (no nonsense) straight and angular lines seem more masculine, while (interesting?) curved shapes have a feminine sensibility. To achieve the gender balance in this instance, you could look to your furniture pieces to marry form and function for clean lines and then accessorise with a feminine touch. More often than not, the men won’t even notice the knick-knacks so the room will get a big tick from them!

  4. One for one
    Balance means equal on both sides right? Why not try to offset every ‘man’ piece in the room with a ‘woman’ piece, one animal hide for one fluffy cushion. But before you create an eclectic mess, keep in mind the good old 80/20 rule, which applies to pretty much everything in life. As long as 80% of your room theme is in alignment, you can embellish with 20% left of centre styling.

Raw texture of the feature timber add a masculine edge to the master suite at Carrington on display at Timbertop Estate.

Modern urban style with industrial accessories and textures in the Cromwell on display at Highgrove Estate and Illawarra on display at The Address Point Cook

Illuka on display at Featherbrook Estate and Granada on display at Tulliallan Estate, Cranbourne with leather and animal hide finishes for a traditionally manly look.

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