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Cushion crush

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Cushion crush

Cushion crush

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It’s true, we do have a (mildly obsessive) cushion crush, but you have to admit, they are the most versatile styling accessory going around. Move them from room to room to change things up, spread them out, bunch them up, decorative or functional, shop to collect or DIY, so much scope with the humble cushion. Here, we take a ‘tour du cushion’, a celebration of cushions from our display homes! Sit back and be inspired, we’d love to hear which one is your favourite.

We love this striking feature cushion in the master of the Monaco at the Aston Estate in Craigieburn, the bold geometry pattern brings out the subtle shapes in the wall paper for a luxury hotel-style feel!

Some bird watching in very summery Radison on display at Aston Estate in Craigieburn with cushion style from Oz Design.

The cool blues of summer flow inside and out in the Embleton on display at Rosenthal Estate in Sunbury. Love an outdoor cushion!

Firstly, we love zebras, secondly we love zebra cushions even more! You will remember these beauties from Target in the Piermont on display at Aston Estate Craigieburn.

A beautiful example of exotic layered textiles, patterns and metallics in the Regent at the Rosenthal Estate in Sunbury – fit for a King and Queen!

For a definite touch of nature inspired cushion love, these lovely fresh dragon fly cushions from Provincial Home Living are a must, you can check them out at the Sorrento on display at Mernda Villages.

Perfect for the animal lover, the Sorrento, at Mernda Villages, is home to our feline friend with glasses and puppy in a top hat, go figure. Early Settler has some lovely animal inspire homewares to check out!

The cushion and matching artwork in the Manuka at Merrifield Estate in Mickleham acts a style anchor and really draws your eye as soon as you step in the room.

For something a bit different, with some designer edge, the custom made ottoman partners with a matching cushion in the Canterbury in the Somerfield Estate, Keysborough. When ordering a sofa or any upholstered furniture, it’s worth asking to have some cushions or bolsters made to match, for a definite impact.

Another alfresco delight, cushions to curl up as the sun goes down in the Sorrento on display in the Berwick Waters estate in Clyde North.

For a behind the scenes experience and to get the scoop direct from the design team, be sure to follow us on Instagram, @Carlislehomes.

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