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Finance for Property Investment

Finance for Property Investment

Are you a first time investor? Or are you looking to increase your current property investment portfolio? We can help.

Buying an investment property with Carlisle Homes

An investment property is a popular wealth creation tool because it is relatively low risk, helps grow capital, and provides regular cash flow in the form of rental income.

Wanting to invest in property but don’t know where to start? Our experienced mortgage consultants can help you create a financial solution tailor-made for you and your circumstances.


Welcome to the Loan Studio – property investment specialists.

We work with Loan Studio - an exclusive, industry-leading finance team who take the hard work out of finding the right property investment loan for you. Loan Studio will help you:

  • Determine how much you can afford to borrow
  • Complete a quick & easy home loan pre-approval application
  • Compare financial products of all major banks & lenders to find the right loan and structure for you
  • Use the equity in your existing property to purchase an investment property
  • Structure your loan for ease of reference for tax purposes
  • Set up a package that is tailored towards multiple loans or properties - all under the one umbrella

Read more about loans that suit property investors.

How much can you afford to loan to buy your investment property?

Use our handy investment property loan calculators to determine your borrowing capacity.

Need more information about finance for property investment?

Please contact the Loan Studio or call 03 9560 1779 to speak to one of our property investment consultants.