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Knockdown Rebuild Melbourne

Why Knockdown Rebuild?

When your house is past its use-by date, or doesn't suit your lifestyle anymore, you have three options: either sell up and move, renovate and extend, or knockdown and rebuild (KDR).

It can be a real dilemma! You love where you live but your house isn’t working for you anymore and you don’t want to move. Renovation or extending may be an option, but often the cost of renovating is usually more expensive than demolishing, starting from scratch and building a brand new home.


KDR means major benefits for you and your family.

With increasing shortages in inner suburban residential land, the knockdown rebuild is a growing trend in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. KDR has many advantages over moving your family to a new suburb, or renovating and extending an existing home.


A knockdown rebuild project saves you money.

Essentially with a knockdown rebuild project you get a fresh, brand new, energy-efficient home with your chosen contemporary design for less than the cost of a renovation project. It’s generally cheaper (per square metre) to build a new home than to extend or renovate.


A knockdown rebuild is less risky than renovating.

Renovations are known for being high-risk projects that often run over time and over budget. The biggest problem is that you never know what you’re going to uncover when you pull up the floorboards! This ‘unknown’ factor means that your renovation is more likely to take longer and run into unforeseen construction challenges resulting in ‘hidden’ costs that you may not have budgeted for.

You may also need to upgrade other aspects of your current home – like restumping or rewiring - to adhere to building or council regulations. This means budget blowouts and major stress for you and your family.

Stay in the neighbourhood you love and reduce family disruption.

Choosing to knockdown rebuild means that there is minimal family disruption and no need to move schools or re-establish your family in a new neighbourhood. You stay in the location you’ve grown to love over the years close to family and friends.

Build the new home of your dreams without compromising your love of good design.

A renovation often means working around existing structures and having to make compromises to your dream. With a new home you have a clean ‘blank canvas’ on which you can start afresh and embrace your love of cutting-edge contemporary home design - inside and out.

New homes are designed with today’s family lifestyle in mind: including features such as a shower in the powder room for visiting guests, zoned family living areas, the popular alfresco dining area - all showcasing the most contemporary trends in design and construction.

Choose from a wide selection of new home designs within the Affinity Collection and T-Range (not available for EasyLiving homes) and be inspired by hundreds of colours, finishes and fixtures from Spectra – our Home Selection Centre.


A more energy efficient home saves you money on utility bills.

Carlisle’s 6 Star Energy Efficiency rating meets the Victorian Government’s regulations around all new homes. This means your home is designed and built from the ground up to be more energy efficient - saving you money on energy consumption for the life of your home. Imagine how this extra saving adds up over the years to come!

Want to know if a knockdown rebuild project is right for you?

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