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Knockdown Rebuild Melbourne

The Knockdown Rebuild Process

Carlisle’s knockdown rebuild (KDR) process - more straightforward than you might think.

Our KDR team has long-term experience in knockdown rebuild projects across metropolitan Melbourne. You’ll be guided smoothly and efficiently through the entire process: from our initial site assessment, right through to your 100-point Warranty inspection three months after you move in. You’ll love our easy-to-understand Building Process – it clearly outlines every step of the journey with full transparency – so you know exactly what to expect and when.

Our KDR Building Process PDF

  • 1. Select your dream home design

    1. You will meet with one of our KDR Specialist Consultants to complete preliminary siting and quote.

    a. Take a look at our new home designs and select the price range, house size, single or double storey, façade style, number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
    Need some inspiration? Explore some the styles of home that are most popular with knockdown rebuild projects: the Milano MK2 and the Nelson MK2.

    2. You will then need to provide a Contract of Sale of Land including a clear copy of Land Title or proof of land ownership and funding details for construction.

    3. A Loan Studio Finance Consultant will contact you for a no-obligation verbal pre-approval within 24 hours.

    4. At this stage a $1,000 initial deposit needs to be paid to secure the base price of house, site start allocation and any promotional offers.

    5. Completion of the Customer Experience and Satisfaction Survey

    6. We complete a thorough property assessment and site inspection to assess your block's suitability for a knockdown rebuild project. If site is deemed suitable, an additional $1,000 deposit is required, please note deposits paid are non-refundable. They’ll look at the following aspects:

    • Street access and any traffic challenges
    • Trees and vegetation that may need removing or trimming
    • Slope, frontage and depth
    • Driveway positioning
    • Natural light and sun orientation
    • Easements and setbacks
    • Drainage and power supply
    • Neighbouring properties

    7. If your block is deemed suitable then you’re ready to choose your dream home from our Affinity Collection or T-Range! Take a look at our Affinity Collection and T-Range new home designs and select the price range, house size, single or double storey, façade style, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Note: None of the floor plans in our Essential Series are available for a knockdown rebuild project.

    8. Your dedicated Client Liaison Executive (CLE) will contact you to book in a Colour Browse Appointment (Note: All Colour Browse appointments are conducted on Saturdays)

    9. We arrange a soil test, site survey and order property information. Once received, you will meet with your Carlisle Sales Consultant to finalise siting options and discuss any other requirements. All notes and preliminary costs from the site inspection will be included in the sales paperwork which is then submitted to the Carlisle Head Office to get the ball rolling on your new home!

    10. It’s time to visit the Spectra Selection Centre for your Colour Browse Appointment – make sure you allow at least 1.5 hours for the appointment plus enough time afterward to browse.

  • 2. Make time for a Colour Selection Appointment

    Here’s where the fun begins! Your dedicated Client Liaison Executive (CLE) will contact you to book in your Colour Selection and Tender Appointments. Here you’ll be appointed your own interior decorator to walk you through your options and all the extras available to you. You’ll browse through hundreds of colours, finishes and fixtures, you may need to take your time though as there are thousands of products and samples to choose from! But you won’t feel too overwhelmed because your interior decorator will help you make the right decisions.

    We recommend that you allow a full day to finalise decisions for the interior and exterior design of your new home.

  • 3. Attend a Tender and Contract Appointment

    The Tender Appointment is to ascertain the site related costs, review your preliminary site plan, and to make any final alterations to your documents. Once you have approved and signed off on your tender document and preliminary site costs it’s time to sign the HIA contracts and plans at your Contract Appointment for your new home. Your Tender Appointment will occur as a full-day appointment where final alterations will be agreed upon. Please Note: Pricing for site works with preliminary engineering is based off initial soil test and site survey.

    A further $3,000 deposit is required upon tender sign off in order to commence with your contract documents and drawings.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: No further structural changes will be accepted after this appointment and don’t forget to ensure that you have signed off on all documents at your Tender Appointment and Contract Appointment before you start to demolish your home.

  • 4. Contract

    This is where everything comes to life!

    1. We will prepare the contract drawings and order the six-star energy assessment along with the HIA Plain English Contract. Once complete we will mail out the contract including your tender, colour selection, preliminary soil test and survey, builders specifications and contract drawings to you to review prior to your Contract Appointment.

    2. Time to attend your Contract Signing Appointment which will take approximately 3 hours. You are nearly on to the Site Start stage!
    Note: All Contract Signing Appointments are conducted at 9am or 1pm, Monday to Friday only.

    3. You will then complete a customer satisfaction survey, provide your financial details (if applicable) and proof of land ownership . Note: If you are a self-funded client, we require the final progress payment of 10% to be paid prior to the site start to be held in trust.

    4. Balance of 5% of your contract value is now due. Once this is paid and you have signed the HIA Contract we will apply for a building permit and any dispensation required. At this time you should also apply for Town Planning and Wild Fire Management overlays (if applicable).

  • 5. Site Start Preparation

    1. We’ll guide you through demolition of your old home so that everything goes off without a hitch. But before this can take place we need to have received a preliminary building permit assessment and no concerns are identified that need addressing. You’ll also need to apply for an Asset Protection Permit and provide this to us. Read our Demolition Tips for more information.

    2. We will order the second soil test, site survey, re-establishment survey and final slab design. Once all information is received, final site costs are determined- with any debits or credit completed by way of variation. Your final construction drawings are completed with the final slab design. Small changes may be made to your plans at this stage.

    3. We will provide a variation which you need to sign off within 48 hours of receipt. You’ll then receive final drawings which you have 5 business days to sign off upon receipt. Your building permit is received, and supplier orders are finalised and placed.

    4. You’ll now need to provide confirmation of unconditional loan approval and loan documentation – only applicable if you are not using Loan Studio.

    It’s just about time for your official site start!

  • 6. The building of your new home begins

    The construction of your new home begins 4-6 weeks after demolition has completed. Carlisle Homes offers you a Build Time Guarantee – this means that we guarantee the completion date of your home regardless of the changes made to it. So you can rest assured that the date we tell you your new home will be ready is the date you can move in.

  • 7. After care service

    Our commitment to you doesn’t end with you moving in! Continuing our personalised customer care approach we contact all our customers 14 days after settlement to see how they’re settling in.

    We also take the worry out of identifying and rectifying any problems or issues with our thorough 100-point warranty inspection three months after you move in.

Need more information about our Knockdown Rebuild process?

To read the full KDR Building Process in full, please see: KDR Building Process

Make an appointment for an obligation-free property assessment, or for more information, please enquire now or call 03 9560 1779 to speak to one of our KDR Consultants.