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Knockdown Rebuild Melbourne

House Demolition Tips

Demolition Tips for your Knockdown Rebuild Project

Ready to demolish your house? There are some very important things to consider before you start!

  • Have you signed all contracts for your new home rebuild?

    Before you demolish your old house, ensure that you have signed off on all contracts before you start the demolition process.

  • How do I choose a demolition contractor?

    Find out which demolition contractors service your area, as well as who is currently demolishing in your local area - they often have advertising boards on the temporary security fencing. Like any professional service, ring around, talk to family and neighbours, get a few comparative quotes, and most importantly: call referees and find out how the demolition contractor performed on their project.

  • Do I need a council/local government permit?

    Yes, you will need a permit from your local municipality. However, the vast majority of demolition contractors will organise the permit for you, and will probably get it faster due to their experience with the process. Make sure you have both a Demolition Permit and Building Permit before you start your project. Both are obtained from your local council/shire.

  • What demolition costs will I incur?

    Particularly with a knockdown rebuild project, you’ll have to include the cost of your demolition in your overall budget. Unfortunately, there are many variables that can affect the price of your demolition job, including Hazardous Materials removal, location of electrical/waste management infrastructure, proximity of neighbouring structures, land overlay, and your environment (e.g. established trees may need consultation with the local council/arborist).

    Contact your demolition contractor and they will be able to organise a full quote for you. We can always help by recommending a reputable demolition contractor to you.

  • What is a Feature Survey and Soil Test?

    A soil test examines the properties of the soil on your block of land, which in turn enables us to design the proper foundations. A feature survey is a scale drawing of the site showing land features, service connections, easements and setbacks, and any other points of interests. Both the soil test and feature survey are performed before and after demolition to finalise cost of your new home.

  • My home is on a busy road, do I need traffic management?

    Good question. Traffic will only be affected during certain stages of your demolition and construction. Particularly if you are around shops or schools, traffic will need to be managed during major delivery and removal phases. We are happy to assist you with costings for traffic management, and advise whether it is necessary for your knockdown rebuild project.

  • Who is responsible for insuring the demolition process?

    Your demolition contractor should be insured against any damage to neighbours’ properties, structures and surrounding environment. It is very important to have an understanding of your contractor’s insurance from the very beginning.

    Importantly, it is your responsibility to obtain an Asset Protection Permit from your local council before beginning works on your property that could endanger any council assets. These works include the demolition stage for your knockdown rebuild project.

Want to know more about home demolition?

For more information about the demolition process enquire now or call 03 9560 1779 to speak to one of our KDR Specialists.