Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel

Step inside a world of timeless luxury and splendour with the Grand Hotel collection. Be swept away by opulent layers of rich textures and metallic contrasts intensified by an abundance of natural light. Create drama with striking showcase decorative features, while sheer fabrics craft a sense of romance and indulgence. The Grand Hotel is the faultless expression of sophisticated glamour and understated wow-factor.

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Create the look:

  • Include feature statement pieces for drama
  • Be bold with patterns and rich warm tones
  • Layer cushions and throws for a luxe effect
  • Accentuate textures with ambient lighting
  • Glass and mirrored finishes enhance the feeling of space

Our Interior Designer's Tip:

Be bold and dramatic for a true Grand Hotel style. Start with a neutral base and undertones and then layer with rich textures, patterns and warm darker colours.

Glass side and coffee tables create a sense of space and hero your accessories without being too busy. Fresh exotic flowers and glossy green foliage arrangements add a breath of fresh air to this glamourous style.