Classic Contemporary

Classic Contemporary

With the considered melding of traditional lines and modern nuances, Classic Contemporary style invites a fresh perspective throughout. Traditional sophisticated furnishings evolve perfectly with the introduction of tonal contrast, self-patterned layers and striking feature lighting. Transition to the new age gracefully while celebrating the drama and romance of classic opulence and luxury.

Love this Theme? You can see this theme at the below estates

Astoria Upper Point Cook Estate

Portland Cloverton Estate

Create the look:

  • Give classic shaped occasional furniture an edgy look with a matt black finish
  • Explore tiling in a classic shape contrasting with a contemporary colour palette
  • Display classic black and white photography in modern slim line frames
  • Introduce luxurious textured leathers and velvet fabrics with contrasting piping details

Our Interior Designer's Tip:

Lighting features are a signature element of this style by including ornate pendant lighting in modern shapes to accentuate drama and luxury. To create the right style statement, introduce contrasting black features within white spaces, softened with complements of creams and beige for an additional layer. Classic Contemporary is all about the careful blend of styles so be sure to focus on the subtle transition of themes.