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Testimonials for Carlisle Homes

Read what some of our past customers had to say about their experience building a home with us.

Everyone we dealt with was more than pleasant. Quite a good experience, I'd say!

We came to the decision after we decided to set up a family home and therefore we realised we needed quite a few bedrooms. We get visitors from overseas and interstate so that led us to look for a four bedroom home, so we tried all the display homes, finally came upon Carlisle and we’re very pleased with the Metro.

The sales people at Lindhurst were extremely knowledgeable, which really helped.

If they didn’t have the answer to the question, they got it for you, but they knew pretty much everything on the spot. And so we went on ahead and signed a contract and was a 10-month build, however the home was happily built in 6 months.

It was a wonderful experience; we had no idea how all of that worked, the choosing of the tiles and the internal decor and the lighting and so forth, but Carlisle made that particularly easy for us.

Very pleasant people. Everyone we dealt with was more than pleasant. Quite a good experience I'd have to say.

Well I’d think that pretty much the speed of the whole process, from the day we signed the contractual agreements the build was happening pretty much right away.

The structure of the house came together every day. We would see wonderful progress taking place and I would take photos of the whole process to bring my wife up to speed at the end of the day.

We were thoroughly happy with it. There wasn’t almost a day that would go by that you wouldn’t see some progress taking place.

It was a happy experience because after the home was built, they had the inspection and we both walked the house together with the site manager and pointed out every little detail that we felt needed attending. Indeed, he pointed out a few things we didn’t notice. All of those were attended to within a matter of days and all totally satisfactory.

They are doing everything right and I’d say Carlisle would have a good future in the building industry.

It was the first time ever we’d built a new home and up until then I’d just lived in that homes that other people have lived in and built. I remember one friend of mine saying that it’d be the worst mistake you’d ever made and I remember telling him how wrong he was in the end.

Anthony Douglas

It just jumped out at me! It was the one.

I actually looked around for a long time at a lot of different builders. Carlisle was probably after three months of looking and it just jumped out of me. It was just the one. It’s open, it’s airy, it’s bright. I like it, I’m happy with it.

I have built before and I have had problems, but it was smooth sailing all the way. Spectra is fantastic. It’s fun! The girls there are fantastic if you are think ‘maybe this colour or this colour’ and they are helpful and they know what they are doing. It’s a really fun process in choosing all the colours for your house. I’m really happy with what I chose. It was a good experience.

There are a couple of memorable moments, choosing your colours in Spectra was one, that was a really important process. When the slab goes down that was really exciting, it’s like ‘finally, it’s happening!’ When you get your keys and you think ‘after all this time, it’s mine.’ It’s not just one thing, it is the combination of all of it. Even at the start when you sign up you think ‘I’m going to build a house.’

From once the slab went down, it was really quick. The frames were up in a week, the windows are in, the tiles are on. The supervisors and the girls in the office were fantastic, they really knew all the updates and a couple of times I thought to ring in but before I got the chance to ring in, they were ringing me.

You meet with them a few times to have a look at the house and that’s really exciting. I can’t fault it. They were really good. I didn’t have any problems.

They went through everything, from start to finish so I knew exactly what I was getting for my money.

I felt confident. I wasn’t worried about signing up and going through the process with them. I was happy and I wasn’t concerned.

After looking a different homes, they give you the base price and from there it can be plus, plus, plus and there were a couple of things I upgraded. I enjoy cooking so I bought a big monster oven, and my tap, which I think is pretty cool. I didn’t have to pay over the base price except for extra things that I wanted. The standard inclusions, they are great! They are quality fittings. Basically it was base price plus not a lot more for me which was good because I can afford to spend a lot more.

They said to keep a note on any problems and that they would come back in three months. I don’t think I even have a handful of things to fix. It’s been great.

Lisa Bird

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