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Testimonials for Carlisle Homes

Read what some of our past customers had to say about their experience building a home with us.

We would like to thank you for the experience we have recently had through building with such a professional company.

Once we selected our dream home we were set a Site Manager who was very helpful, professional and most importantly kept us at ease with the entire process.

Upon completion of our home if there minor issue we would call and within 24 hours someone would be in contact to arrange a time to come out and sort out any concerns.

The Warranty Department were exceptional.

Overall our complete experience from start to end has been of great satisfaction from Ray our son and I.

We always highly recommend to friends, family and even whoever we may be in general conversation with.

Ray and Catherine Bajada

Everyone we dealt with was more than pleasant. Quite a good experience, I'd say!

We came to the decision after we decided to set up a family home and therefore we realised we needed quite a few bedrooms. We get visitors from overseas and interstate so that led us to look for a four bedroom home, so we tried all the display homes, finally came upon Carlisle and we’re very pleased with the Metro.

The sales people at Lindhurst were extremely knowledgeable, which really helped.

If they didn’t have the answer to the question, they got it for you, but they knew pretty much everything on the spot. And so we went on ahead and signed a contract and was a 10-month build, however the home was happily built in 6 months.

It was a wonderful experience; we had no idea how all of that worked, the choosing of the tiles and the internal decor and the lighting and so forth, but Carlisle made that particularly easy for us.

Very pleasant people. Everyone we dealt with was more than pleasant. Quite a good experience I'd have to say.

Well I’d think that pretty much the speed of the whole process, from the day we signed the contractual agreements the build was happening pretty much right away.

The structure of the house came together every day. We would see wonderful progress taking place and I would take photos of the whole process to bring my wife up to speed at the end of the day.

We were thoroughly happy with it. There wasn’t almost a day that would go by that you wouldn’t see some progress taking place.

It was a happy experience because after the home was built, they had the inspection and we both walked the house together with the site manager and pointed out every little detail that we felt needed attending. Indeed, he pointed out a few things we didn’t notice. All of those were attended to within a matter of days and all totally satisfactory.

They are doing everything right and I’d say Carlisle would have a good future in the building industry.

It was the first time ever we’d built a new home and up until then I’d just lived in that homes that other people have lived in and built. I remember one friend of mine saying that it’d be the worst mistake you’d ever made and I remember telling him how wrong he was in the end.

Anthony Douglas

The choice was just brilliant.

We would definitely build with them again, if ever we came to move. We would come to Carlisle display homes first and use them again, because we’ve had such a good experience with them.

We got a pretty good price at the start and then we were introduced to Spectra and we went there and were really impressed by the choice, what was included as standard, and we looked at it with another builder and we were going to have to pay extra for a lot of the items that seem to be included in the standard with Carlisle.

The choice was just brilliant.

We then made an appointment to have our colour selection, and the colour consultants were brilliant, they offered a lot of help and advice to get the colour scheme right and we think it’s really worked. We’re really, really pleased with our colour selection.

I can’t believe the amount that is standard.

When you go in to the builders and they have one or two standards and the rest are premiums or upgrades. The choice that is the standard range was more than you needed really.

We then had a tender appointment and he went through all the pricing with us and everything was finalised, then we had our contract signing appointment and then the final drawings were done, then we had our final contract appointment.

Within a short space of time after we signed our contract, in two three weeks, the build had started. It all happened really quickly. The build took 5 months and that included the month of Christmas. We were very impressed with the speed that the house was built. That wasn’t done by compromising quality either.

They built us a good quality home and in their maintenance check, which took place three months after we got the keys, there was hardly anything we picked up on, there was very little that needed rectifying.

There’s bound to be little stresses along the way but I just think that the way the whole process was designed just seemed to minimise that.

The stress was taken out our hands and dealt with very quickly; we had no real cause to stress. Any issues on the way were dealt with very in a satisfactory way.

We would definitely build with them again, if ever we came to move. We would come to Carlisle display homes first and use them again, because we’ve had such a good experience with them.

The Whalley Family

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