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Testimonials & Success Stories

Testimonials & Success Stories

Our first time home buyers love their new Carlisle home so much that they shared their thoughts with us.

What our happy customers say about Carlisle Homes…

First home buyer happiness

As a first home buyer I have not once regretted building, especially with Carlisle Homes. The work was done professionally and efficiently. Whenever we didn't understand something Jessica was kind enough to explain it thoroughly. My fiancé and I are very proud owners of a wonderful freshly built house and that is with a big thankyou to Carlisle Homes. If we even plan to build again I would definitely build with Carlisle Homes.

Daniel & Marisa, Blackwattle

Happy and satisfied

Carlisle Homes built our house much earlier than anticipated. The site supervisors were exceptionally helpful and provided us with valid feedback on our questions and eliminated any concerns. It was a great comfort to have good support while building our new home as this was our first! Very happy and satisfied more importantly felt very relaxed through the entire build process.

Amol Kamat & Kalpana Soni, Point Cook

Carlisle gave me the keys to our dreams

Carlisle Homes built our first home in a great manner of time, even though the contract said it would take many more days. I was very satisfied and watched the progress the whole way through, we had a few issues here & there but nothing that wasn't fixed promptly. The CLE was in constant contact with us weekly and everything was explained well. For a first home buyer this was a stress free, easy experience, and I look forward to one day again building with Carlisle Homes as I know they will build my house the way a house should be built and that includes no dodgy workmanship. Well done to the entire Team at Carlisle, you have fulfilled our dreams !!

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Excellent service, great people

Just completed building my first house with Carlisle Homes, and has been a very smooth and stress-free process. Started the process in January and have now moved in, with no issues in between, cannot thank our CLE, and site supervisor for their excellent customer service. Always in contact with me, regular updates and never a problem to get things amended if the need arises.

Prior to choosing Carlisle Homes I had searched all the builders, visited their display homes and although some are nicer than others, Carlisle Homes offered the best deal, best service and extras.

For a first time builder it was a very very easy process, I did though invest in my own building inspector and he clearly said that this home amongst there other homes are of a very good quality compared to other homes he has seen, so take that with some confidence if you are deciding who to build with.

Overall, great company, great service and great people but most of all a really nice home built!

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Compliments to Carlisle Homes

As a first home buyer, I didn’t have a clue about anything at all. After talking to some home builders, things still weren’t made clear to us. However, things were different when we were introduced to Carlisle and their staff.

Like many couples, we had a budget on how much we wanted to spend on a house and land. The consultant was able to identify the house and land that suited our needs and fitted our budget.

Although we asked many questions, she was able to answer all of them. She didn’t make us feel uncomfortable or feel stupid in asking those questions, she was able to explain in a manner that made us understand the scenario. Fast track the story...we signed up with Carlisle homes.

A month later, we went to Spectra (colour selection for the house). There were many things to pick and choose from but luckily the interior design consultant was there, as she helped us through the selection process for the house (e.g. type of lights, paint colour for the walls, floors etc.). She also helped us throughout the process and ensured that the selections we made were in the contract.

We are now waiting for the title of the land, which will be soon. Overall, it has been a smooth process and we’re looking forward to the construction to our home.

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A look back - Carlisle Homes

We’ve recently finished building our home with Carlisle Homes and we couldn’t be happier! Being first home buyers, we spent countless weekends looking at numerous display homes at different locations looking for the perfect design at an affordable price. After comparing the builders, Carlisle came up on top being the most impressive in terms of quality and value for money.

What we liked about Carlisle Homes was the fact that what you see in their display homes is what you get. Most of the other builders like Metricon, Porter Davies and Boutique homes have display homes that look amazing but when you sit down and go through the numbers, you start off with a bare house and you have to have a long list of extras to make it look good whereas with Carlisle, their standard inclusions and quality finish give you a display-like home.

The friendliness, professionalism and communication of Carlisle’s staff have been a highlight. The staff during our colour selection at SPECTRA were very helpful in helping us decide on everything – from tiles & paint to cheap upgrades that just make the house look that lil bit nicer - since there were so many to chose from. They were happy to give their input and guidance and you can be confident that the house will look spectacular and be functional because they were very knowledgeable and practical.

Our CLEs were the best people we could have hoped for. They were always quick to reply to our hundred and one questions and if they didn’t know the answer, they would find out who did and get back to us. There was never a question they missed to answer, which made things less stressful. Our site supervisor was friendly and a genuinely good bloke. He addressed our issues, was easy to talk to and even offered advice based on his experience. Carlisle should be very proud of their staff.

The construction itself was very fast – 3 months. One thing they don’t advertise is that they hire an independent QA company to inspect the house during various stages of construction. After seeing the house almost every week and after speaking with Simon during our inspections, we didn’t have the need to hire a third part inspector (even though we could) because you can tell that they were proud of their work and the quality of the build is really noticeable.

There were issues here and there as expected from any builder (thankfully mostly minor and no major issues), but what I think set Carlisle apart is their responsiveness to these issues. All of our issues were fixed and both the Site Supervisor and CLE were professional, friendly and did their best to make us happy.

Overall, we are very happy with the experience and are the proud owner of a new Carlisle home. I would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking of building a new home –visit their display centre and see for your self. :)

Thank you Carlisle Homes!

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Our dream home!

Our experience with Carlisle homes has been both exciting and long. We purchased our 700sq block back in April 2011 with the expectation that it was going to settle in October. After looking through multiple display home, we finally found exactly what we were looking for, the Atlantique MK 36, which is displayed in Epping.

We met our sales consultant in Craigieburn after looking through new displays who helped us, she was the only sales consultant not to jump on us as soon as we walked through the door. Due to our land requirements being a corner block we had to downsize to 32sq and as we did not know what it looked like our sales consultant went out of her way to show us one that was then getting built just to compare in size. We both loved it and to this day have not changed our minds. Our land did not settle until late May this year, however with having enough time our colour selection was complete months prior. This experience was so much fun, and with our colour selections consultant who made everything so much easier for us, the communication was fantastic even via email.

Unfortunately due to rain Carlisle were unsuccessful in completing a soil report and as it was reaching close to July we almost lost out on the First Home Buyer’s grant. Luckily for us Carlisle helped, however with the rush of having three days to sign the HIA and whilst meeting with our conveyancer the stress was increasing as we ended up having two contract meetings, both of which our original CLE was away. However we were lucky to meet another CLE who knew exactly what we wanted and helped us get it.

We had some issues with the kitchen we chose and some communication errors were made however with the support we felt we received on the final contract appointment we decided to continue working with our original CLE as it made it easier as we felt comfortable having met her and she understood our requests and went to extra lengths to ensure that they were met.

We have now signed our contracts and we are just waiting for our house to begin the building process. Carlisle have been fantastic so far and we cannot wait to be living in our dream home.

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