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New Home Building Process

New Home Building Process

As a first home buyer, you’ll be happy to know that our home building process* is an easy-to-follow and enjoyable journey. We’ll outline every step of the process, so you know exactly what to expect, what to do and when. Let’s get started!

  Affinity Collection & T-Range Build Process PDF

 EasyLiving Build Process PDF

Affinity and T-Range Process

Pre Site

  • Step 1: New Home Selection

    Congratulations. This marks the start of your journey with Carlisle Homes and where we start looking at the best siting options whilst you look at styling options for your new home.

  • Step 2: Colour/Electrical Selection

    One of the most exciting and fun steps of building your new home! It’s time to choose interior and exterior colours, surface finishes, floor coverings and more! Allow at least half a day or more to visit the Spectra Selection Centre.

  • Step 3: Tender

    This is the stage where we prepare your tender to build, based on your sales quote, soil, survey and preliminary engineering where applicable.

  • Step 4: Contract Sign Off

    Here’s where it all starts to become a reality! It’s time for the preparation of building contract and working drawings for your review, approval and sign off.

  • Step 5: Site Start Preparation

    Now your contract is signed, there are a few steps to cover off before your new home is ready for site start. This phase includes confirmation of loan approval and documentation (not required if you’re using Loan Studio). Construction drawings mailed to you for final review and sign-off.

Construction Process

  • Step 6: Site Start

    The official start of the construction process! Your Client Liaison Executive will provide you with requirements to prepare for site start.

  • Step 7: Base Stage

    The concrete slab is laid - your first major construction milestone!

  • Step 8: Frame Stage

    The carpenters arrive! House wall frames and roof trusses go up. And a qualified Building Surveyor completes a Quality Control Inspection.

  • Step 9: Lock-Up Stage

    Brickwork, roof tiles, external doors and windows are put in place.

  • Step 10: Fixing Stage

    Plaster installed to internal walls and ceilings. Skirting boards, architraves, internal doors, and kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

  • Step 11: Completion Stage

    Painting and tiling completed. Electrical and plumbing fit-offs, stone bench tops (where applicable), door furniture, shower screens and mirrors are installed. Any external render (where applicable) will also be completed.

    The final stage of construction! Time to call the removalists and book a date!

  • Step 12: Settlement

    Congratulations! Your new home has been completed and is ready for you to move in! On the day of settlement the Construction Supervisor will conduct an on-site handover. Appliances will be installed at an agreed time after settlement has taken place.


  • Step 13: Introduction & Inspection

    Three months after settlement we’ll carry out the Carlisle Homes 100-point Warranty Inspection to make sure everything is just how you wanted it.

  • Step 14: Agreed Works

    Need anything touched up? Here’s where we’ll organise the work.

  • Step 15: Completion of Works

    All agreed works are done! Your building process is now complete and you’re free to enjoy living in your brand new home! Congratulations.

Need more information about our home building process?

For more information enquire now or call (03) 9560 1779 to speak to one of our Sales Consultants.