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Carlisle Homes Pty Ltd ABN 106 263 209 of 2 Nexus Court, Mulgrave Vic 3170 is the promoter of this campaign (“The Promoter”)These Terms and Conditions set out the information on how to enter to win a grant. Entry constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

1. Who can apply?

1.1    An Applicant must:
(a) be 18 years or over;
(b) be an organisation, business, charity or not-for-profit organisation, whose main purpose benefits the community,
(herein referred to as the “Applicant”).

1.2    An Applicant must not be an individual, minor, political group, foundation, associated with the building industry or a staff member of the Promoter.

1.3    The Applicant must have a genuine tangible project which will provide a benefit to the community in the Promoter’s Building Zone (as listed on (“the Project”) with the Promoter being the 'sole' provider of funds for the Project (or an identified component and clearly defined associated cost of the Project).

1.4    The Promoter reserves the right to request, at any time, an Applicant to produce appropriate identification (to the Promoter’s satisfaction in its sole discretion) in order to confirm the Applicant’s identity, age, or contact details. If the documentation required by the Promoter is not received by the Promoter or the Applicant’s eligibility has not been verified to the Promoter’s satisfaction, the entry will be deemed invalid.

1.5    The Promoter reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to require an Applicant to submit to a confidential background check to confirm eligibility and help ensure that the use of any such person in advertising or publicity of the Program will not bring the Promoter into public disrepute, contempt, scandal or ridicule or reflect unfavourably on the Promoter, its agents or the Program as determined by the Promoter in its sole and absolute discretion.

2. Campaign Cycle

2.1 The Community Grants Campaign (the “Campaign”) will have four Campaign Cycles per calendar year, dated for each cycle listed below.

Campaign Cycle CommencesCampaign Cycle ConcludesEligible Grant Recipients notified
(“Notification Date”)
9.00am, 1st October 2015 5.00pm, 31st December 2015 20th January 2016
9.00am, 1st January 2016 5.00pm, 31st March 2016 13th  April 2016
9:00am 1st April 2016 5:00pm 30th June 2016 13th July 2016
9:00am 1st July 2016 5:00pm 30th September 2016 12th October 2016
9:00pm 1st October 2016 5:00pm 31st December 2016 18th January 2017
9.00am, 1st January 2017 5.00pm, 31st March 2017 12th April 2017

(referred to as “Campaign Cycles”)

2.2    During each Campaign Cycle, the Applicants can complete an application form located on the Promoter’s website. The Promoter may publish all suitable applications on the Promoter’s Facebook page and/or the Promoter’s website (the “Application”).

2.3    Once the Application is posted on Facebook by the Promoter, the Applicant may (during the Campaign Cycle) share their Application via social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email. Family, friends and the general public can then support the Applicant’s Application by becoming a supporter. IMPORTANT NOTE: each application is judged according to its compliance to Section 1 Who Can Apply? of these Terms and Conditions, and not assessed based on social voting and sharing alone.


2.4     At the conclusion of each Campaign Cycle the Promoter will shortlist the Applications. The shortlisted Applications will all be submitted to the Board for final consideration. A member of the Board will notify the winner by the Notification Date.

3. How do I apply for a Grant?

3.1    An Applicant can apply for a grant by submitting an application for one eligible project on the Promoter’s website during the Campaign.

3.2    Applicants will be notified by email at the address provided in their Application, advising them:
(a) that their Application has been received by the Promoter;
(b) when their Application is being published on the Website and on Facebook;
(c) if their Application has been considered unsuitable; or
(d) if they have successfully been awarded a Grant.

3.3    Where the Applicant is reliant upon funds and sponsorships from other organisations, businesses or individuals in order to commence and/or complete the Project, the Promoter reserves the right to request further evidence as to how much funding is to be obtained.

3.4    The Promoter reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any Applicant deemed in the Promoter’s sole and absolute discretion to be:
(a) Tampering or attempting to tamper with the entry or voting process or the operation of the campaign or any website of the Promoter;
(b) Violating these Terms and Conditions;
(c) Acting in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner;
(d) Using automated software or other mechanical or electronic means to automatically vote repeatedly; or
(e) If any of the above conditions set out in (a) to (d) above apply to the Applicant’s own Facebook page whilst specifically relating to this Campaign.
(f) Unable to commence the project due to absence of funding for adjoining components.

3.5    If the Applicant submits a photograph, image or logo, the Applicant is responsible for ensuring any such photograph, image or photo is their property (intellectual or otherwise). Where the photograph contains identifiable images of a minor, the Applicant must have the written consent and permission from the minor’s parent or legal guardian for the photograph to be used for the purposes of the Campaign. Where an Applicant supplies no photograph, image or logo, the default image attached to their Application will be the “Community Grants by Carlisle Homes” logo which remains the property of the Promoter. The Applicant consents to the Promoter using the Application, Applicant’s name and (if applicable) logo or image, for the purposes of promoting the Campaign on the Promoter’s Website, social media, and in any other publications the Promoter determines appropriate without further notification, remuneration or compensation. The Applicant agrees that, in the event they are awarded a Grant, the Applicant will participate in all reasonable promotional activities in relation to the Campaign as requested by the Promoter and its agents.

3.6    The Promoter collects personal information about an Applicant to determine eligibility. By participating in the Campaign, an Applicant also acknowledges that a secondary purpose for collecting the Applicant’s personal information by the Promoter is to enable the Promoter to contact the Applicant with marketing materials at any time and via any medium including any form of electronic, digital or conventional communications channel whether existing now or in the future. The Promoter may share information with its Program sponsor who may contact the Applicant. Applicants can gain access to, update or correct any personal information by contacting the Promoter. All personal information will be stored at the office of the Promoter. A copy of the Privacy Policy in relation to the treatment of personal information may be obtained by contacting the Promoter on 03 9560 1779 or visit

4. What is the Grant?

4.1 On each Notification Date, the Promoter may award (in its sole discretion) the total amount of up to $50,000 inclusive of GST (“Total Cycle Grant”), the Total Cycle Grant may be divided between a number of selected Applications or may be given to one successful Application. The Promoter may vary the amount of the Grant (and/or the Total Cycle Grant) provided through the Campaign at its sole discretion.

4.2    The Grant will only be deposited into a bank account held by the organisation, business or not-for-profit organisation. The Grant will not be deposited into accounts held by individuals.

4.3    The Grant is to be used by the successful Applicant on the Project. The Grant must be spent solely for the purpose of the Project within the time period on the Application, or not longer than twelve (12) months after the Grant has been issued. If at any time the stated purpose of the Project is no longer possible and the Project cannot be completed as set out in the Application, the Applicant must advise the Promoter and discuss alternate options to use the Grant for the benefit of the community.

4.4    The Promoter may, where appropriate, visit the Project’s site before, throughout and after the Grant has been issued, at times agreed by both parties. The successful Applicant must advise the Promoter in writing when the Project is completed and provide photographs to the Promoter at within ten (10) business days of completion. The Promoter reserves the right to, and the successful Applicant agrees that the Promoter may, visit the Project for the purpose of taking further photographs for publication and marketing purposes.

4.5    No substitution of a Grant is offered. A successful Applicant cannot apply for additional grants for the same Project. Non-successful Applicant’s may apply for a grant in any following Campaign Cycles.

4.6    A successful Applicant must repay the full or relevant part of the grant funding to the Promoter within thirty (30) business days after it receives formal written notice from the Promoter in any of the below circumstances occurs:
(a) an amount of the Grant is unspent at the Project completion date; or
(b) the successful Applicant misuses the Grant by paying for any purpose that is not the Project detailed in the Application.

4.7    If for any reason the Campaign or any Campaign Cycle is not capable of being administered as planned, including without limitation, lack of sufficient number of Applications or support of the Campaign, infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the Campaign, or for any reason the Promoter deems, that the Campaign is not meeting the expected goals, the Promoter reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion to cancel, modify or terminate the Campaign and any Campaign Cycle.

5. How will my Application be judged?

5.1    Stage One: Shortlist

(a) Each Application will be assessed by the Promoter in the sole discretion as to whether it meets these Terms and Conditions and whether the Project benefits the community.
(b) During Stage One, if the Promoter determines (in its sole and absolute discretion) that any Applicant has not complied with these Terms and Conditions in any way the Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any Application and disallow any further participation by such Applicant in the Campaign.

5.2    Stage Two: Notification of Winner

(a) The shortlisted Applications will be submitted to the Board. The Board is made up of representatives from the Promoter (up to five individuals).
(b)The Board, in its absolute and sole discretion, will determine the winner of any Grants. All decisions of the Board are final.
(c) Should the Board (in its absolute discretion) determine that in the Campaign Cycle there have been no suitable Applicants, the Board reserves the right to issue no Grants for the relevant Campaign Cycle.

6. The Promoter has No Liability

6.1    The Promoter accepts no responsibility or liability for the conduct of any Project and the relevant Applicant remains solely liable for the conduct of their Projects.

6.2    The Promoter and its associated agencies and companies shall not be liable for any loss (including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss), damage, personal injury or death which is suffered or sustained (including but not limited to that arising from any person’s negligence) in connection with using any grant, except any liability that cannot be excluded by law (in which case that liability is limited to the minimum allowed by law).

6.3    The Promoter accepts no responsibility for errors on the Facebook Page and/or on the Website and any unavailability of the Facebook Page and/or Website.

6.4    The Promoter is not responsible for any technical malfunctions or problems with internet or network congestion, including any injury or damage to the applicant, the voter or any other person’s computer which may affect participation in this Promotion or transmission or applications and votes via the internet.

Cycle 3, 2016 Winners Announced

Rockbank Football Sporting Club

Rockbank Football Sporting Club has been granted $3,000 to fund new game day equipment

Sunshine Football Club

Sunshine Football Club has received $10,000 to to fund a new scoreboard for their club

Manor Lakes Basketball club

Manor Lakes Basketball club has won a grant of $1,500 to purchase coaches equipment

Bellbridge Cricket Club

Bellbridge Cricket Club has been granted $3,000 for new equipment and players fees

Boronia K-12 College

Boronia K-12 College is looking forward to using their $6,009 grant to help grow their community garden

Irabina Autism Services

Irabina Autism Services is looking forward to using their $6,000 grant to purchase an interactive whiteboard

Hampton Park Tennis Club

Hampton Park Tennis Club is looking forward to using their $6,000 grant for a new spectator seat project

Seabrook Primary School

Seabrook Primary School is looking forward to using their $9,400 grant to purchase safety matting under their new community playground