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Carlisle Community Grants

Frequently Asked Questions

Support Community Grant Application

Am I eligible?

Any business, charity, sporting club or not-for-profit organisation, who has a tangible project which will provide a benefit to the community within the Carlisle build zone.

What is a tangible project?

A tangible project is a physical project that is material or substantial and that is capable of being touched.

What is the judging criteria?

The key judging criterion centers on:

  • A specific and tangible project
  • The project has a positive impact / benefit on the immediate community
  • The group/organization and project must be within the Carlisle build zone
  • The originality of the project
  • The project is capable of being completed within 12 months
  • The budget for the project is realistic

When are funds distributed?

Funds will be distributed after the official presentation has been completed and once the winner supplies an invoice.

Why should I apply?

If your community group, sporting club or organization has a project that adds value to the community and you need funding to achieve your goals of bringing this project to life, the Carlisle Community Grants may be able to provide assistance.

With up to $50,000 available every quarter, it’s your chance to build and grow your community and enrich the lives of people in your area. Entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges, who will select appropriate community groups each quarter. If you are a community group or organisation that could do with a helping hand from Carlisle Homes, we invite you to apply.

What types of projects do you accept?

The Community Grants support projects under a number of broad headings:

  • Sports & Recreation
  • Health & Caring
  • Education & Training

Any other enquiries?

For any other enquiries, please email

Cycle 1, 2016 Winners Announced

Melbourne Youth Chorale

Melbourne Youth Chorale has been granted $20,000 to source new uniforms, music and also storage facilities

Mulgrave Park Preschool

Mulgrave Park Preschool has received $7,000 to to fund a new water play channel for their pre school

K&K Calisthenics

K&K Calisthenics has won a grant of $8,030 to purchase new uniforms and equipment

Cerebral Palsy Education Centre

Cerebral Palsy Education Centre has been granted $10,000 to purchase new specialised equipment

Brentwood Secondary School

Brentwood Secondary School is looking forward to using their $1,500 grant for their new outdoor learning space

Epping North Scout Group

Epping North Scout Group is looking forward to using their $6,600 grant for their new gear storage container project