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Your Home, Your Way Promotion

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Your Home, Your Way Promotion

Your Home, Your Way Promotion

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Choose your home, Choose your level of spend, Choose your Luxury Upgrades The Affinity Collection Promotion is available with any of our Affinity Collection Homes.

Once you have chosen your home from over 15 home designs from the Affinity Collection, choose from luxury upgrades to turn your new house into a stunning home.

To start you off we have included $20,000 of inclusions, in the brochure you will see the box already ticked and the word included next to them.

The luxury bonus upgrades included Brivis ducted heating with programmable thermostat and designer feature niches and hobs. While the finer points focus on the little things that really make a luxurious difference.

These inclusions represent the most commonly requested upgrades for the Affinity Collection and we have used our industry knowledge and buying power to bring them to our clients at the best possible price.

To make choosing your upgrades simple, the extras are divided into seven categories

  1. Streetscape
  2. Interiors
  3. Kitchen
  4. Indulgence
  5. Luxury
  6. Flooring
  7. Finer Points

All you need to do is work your way through the book and choose all the upgrades you wish to have in your new home.

For example in the kitchen upgrade options include:

  1. Stainless steel dishwasher
  2. Soft close drawer runners to kitchen drawers
  3. Ducted rangehood through roof tiles
  4. Technika double bowl undermount stainless steel sinks
  5. Technika stainless steel kitchen microwave
  6. Methven Amio (01-4309) kitchen sink mixer

11749 AFFINITY PROMO BRO V7 kitchen

Your sales consultant will then ensure all your extras are included in your final contract.

Q. My total came to 12,300. What do I have to pay?
A. You will receive $12,000 of value for just $5,000, if you are a bit over, rather than going up to the next bracket, you can just pay the little bit extra, so if your total came to $12,300, you would pay just $5,300.

Q. I don’t want any of the promotion; can I still get the $20,000 start up bonus?
A. The promotional offer is such good value, we do strongly suggest you consider taking up the offer. However if you decide it is not for you, the $20,000 start up bonus will still be included.

Q. How much do I pay if I want all of it?
A. If you decide you would like all of the upgrades (and we can see why you would.) You will receive $70,000 worth of value for just $20,000.

Q. Can I add in upgrades other than what is in the brochure?
A. The Your Home, Your Way promotion represents the most commonly requested upgrades for our Affinity Collection homes and we have used our industry knowledge and buying power to bring them to our clients at the best possible price, therefore only items that include in the brochure can be included in the $70,000 worth of upgrades for $20,000. However if there are extras you would like above and beyond the promotion, you can include them as paid for extras. Be sure to discuss this when meeting with your sales consultant.

A. Do you have Affinity Collection homes on display?
Q. We have Affinity Collection homes on display at 16 locations around Melbourne. Visit our website to find one near you.

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