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What Kitchen Style Are You?

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What Kitchen Style Are You?

What Kitchen Style Are You?

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Is your kitchen style traditional, modern, earthy, or something else? Do you need a kitchen outfitted for a chef? Or are your kitchen needs more relaxed?

Sit back and enjoy looking at these stunning kitchen designs, and discover how you can get the look at our Spectra Selection Centre. Enjoy!


Simple style and colour define this modern kitchen featured in the Sorrento43 at Featherbrook Estate. This design features a black signature wall and drop lights to offer a sophisticated look.

Black has been swapped for timber in the Atlantique 33 at Berwick Waters, providing a comfortable feel.

We also love the modern drop lighting in the Sanctuary 48 at Somerfield Estate.

Light and Bright

These spacious kitchens featured in the Canterbury 45 at Somerfield Estate, and the Riva 29 at Berwick Waters are filled with natural light, beautiful appliances, and a statement island bench with sleek cabinetry. If you're crazy about clean lines, and simple style go with a light and bright look.


Love a streamlined look? Does clutter drive you crazy? You don’t need to completely remodel to get a European style. The Montpellier 51 at Selandra Rise, Clyde North features chestnut cabinets - the colour of black tea to set off the white tile of the countertops and floors.

Modern Rustic

Do you find the idea of another white kitchen tiresome? If you prefer a natural design, then this style is for you. Timber adds an earthy element, and brings the outdoors in the Augusta 33 at Greenvale Gardens and Viera 29 at Williams Landing. The floor boards made from rough timber shows the natural grain, and adds texture.

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