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We've got Melbourne Covered!

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We've got Melbourne Covered!

We've got Melbourne Covered!

Released just in time for spring, our new line of contemporary floor plans and on-trend home designs offer your family space to grow in affordable luxury with homes for every budget!

Each Carlisle home design begins and ends with the one objective: to build a quality, inviting home full of additional standard inclusions that you’ll never want to leave. And now, best of all, it’s easy for you to see our whole range because we’ve also got the most display homes of any Melbourne builder!

With 69 display homes across 18 display centres we’re Melbourne’s biggest!

With the imminent opening of our new Display Centre in Berwick Waters on October 26th, we’ll now have 69 display homes across 18 Display Centres in Melbourne. This means we now have the most display homes in Melbourne than any other Victorian home builder! So while we’ve got Melbourne geographically covered, we’re still happy to be Victoria’s 8th largest home builder because our goal has never been about quantity, but about quality and taking the extra time to build highly crafted, high quality homes.

Double storey homes on display – Third largest in Victoria!

We’re also punching above our weight in the double-storey division. With over 25 double-storey homes on display, we currently have the 3rd largest selection of 2-storey homes for you to visit in Victoria. This means that nearly each one of our 18 Display Centres has a few double-storey homes for you to explore.

Explore some of our biggest selling double-storey homes:

  • Sorrento (Affinity Collection)
  • Milano MK2 (Affinity Collection)
  • Barwon MK2 (Affinity Collection)
  • Nevada (T-Range)
  • Manhattan (T- Range)
  • NEW DESIGN! Thompson (T-Range)

Not sure what you’re looking for? Can’t decide which double storey home suits your style? View our entire range of 2-story homes here.

For us, it’s always been about building better quality homes, not more.

Our goal was never to be Victoria’s biggest, only to be the best. This means using the highest quality materials and paying close attention to detail and finely honed craftsmanship to build your dream home.

That’s why we strictly limit the number of homes we build at any one time. We also have the lowest home-to-site-manager ratio in Victoria which means more time is given to delivering a higher level of professionalism and construction quality. Read more about why our most important home inclusion is YOU.

Visit our award-winning display homes this weekend.

Why not see our display homes for yourself? Visit our Melbourne Display Homes and experience modern family living with an award-winning builder and find the dream home you’ve been waiting to call your own.

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