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Trend alert – Pendant Lighting

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Trend alert – Pendant Lighting

Trend alert – Pendant Lighting

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Creating that designer look in your home doesn’t always have to mean spending a fortune on fittings and accessories, it’s all in the selection and placement of some key items.

Important to achieving that truly unique ‘wow’ factor in a room is to include key features that draw the eye to; a focal point. But remember less is more!

An emerging trend, that suits all budgets, is the use of pendant lighting as illuminating decoration in different areas of the home to add interest and ambiance to a space.

As the central hub of the home, the kitchen can be further defined by pendants spaced over the island bench. It is important to remember that bold lighting features can attract attention, even when turned off, therefore still need to be in line with the style of the rest of the room.

Augusta at Greenvale Gardens Estate

A striking look can be created by clustering an odd number of pendants at different drop heights and possibly even different styles, in a corner of a sitting room or over a table to create an interesting feature.

Indiana at Somerfield Estate, Keysborough

Smaller pendants can even look effective in bedrooms areas over side tables instead of traditional lamps.

The perfect ambiance can be created in dining rooms with a feature pendant over the table, ideal for those special family dinners or equip with dimmable lights for that sophisticated dinner party with friends.

Vaucluse at Somerfield Estate, Keysborough

It is important to consider carefully the space you are looking to decorate with pendants as well as the accompanying furniture to achieve the right balance and not obstruct the purpose of the room. The right pendant arrangement should enhance and complement the area, not overpower it.

There are some great ideas on Pinterest, you can mix and match, and check out Houzz’s Top Ten Lighting Trends for 2014 for the latest product trends.

Here are just a few of our favourite Carlisle display homes featuring pendant lighting…

Winslow at Ambrosia Estate Cranbourne West, Illuka at Featherbrook Estate Point Cook, Sorrento at Featherbrook Estate Point Cook

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