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Top design trends for the winter season

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Top design trends for the winter season

Top design trends for the winter season

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In order to achieve an on trend sophisticated look, we are loving interior décor accents like fur, metallic elements, wicker and rich fabrics, combined with bold colours to create stand-out elegance in the contemporary home. The palette this winter is no longer a neutral shade of classic white or beige, but daring tones of charcoal and blue. These dark colours absorb lighter shades of their own colour perfectly for a textured style that adds real weight to the home. Add magnificent pops of red or yellow, to enhance that extra punch.

Grey is the new black
Think outside the box when choosing feature walls this winter and add extra depth and dimension to your home by taking a bold stroke and adding a feature wall in charcoal then continue to coat the room in lashings of grey. It will be the perfect canvas for all your copper, ceramic and leather accents, creating a winter masterpiece when pops of red are thrown into the mix for that extra razzle dazzle factor.

Images found at (left) Albany, Study as displayed at Featherbrook Estate, Point Cook (right)

Blue-ming Spectacular
Surf and turf takes on a whole new meaning when forecasting current winter colour trends. Pair deep blues with tones of grey and indigo for that real wow factor. Or heat the space up with a caramel fur throw and pillows, to create an extra degree of warmth to the room. Pendant lights, signature lamps and crocheted covers for foot-stools and ottomans, are so on trend right now and blend into any décor with seamless chic.

Images found at (left) Illawarra, Master Suite as displayed at The Address, Point Cook (middle) (right)

Picture Perfect
It’s true, the world should always be seen in shades of grey and when (literally) framed with wall-to-wall pictures, your home will look like a gallery but feel like a romantic chateau. Statement sofas in crushed velvet and wool work well together and are a delightful contrast against the delicate, sheer full length curtains. Throws and pillows, create an inviting intimacy, to the space and accents of brass, wicker and glass, imbue the area with timeless elegance.

Images found at (left) Bellmont, Living as displayed at Woodlea Estate, Rockbank (right)

Dare to be different
Natural wooden floors are another massive trend this season, opening up the area to effortlessly engage the minimalist trend, as the floor itself is a massive feature. This is where your imagination can run wild and you can do as little or as much as you like with the space. Hide rugs, fur throws and crocheted, large pillows in lemon and teal, elevate the cosiness, while a statement coffee table can take your room from fine to sublime.

Images found at (left) (middle) (right)

For a behind the scenes experience and to get the scoop direct from the design team, be sure to follow us on Instagram, @Carlislehomes.

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