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Tips to create a beautiful wall gallery

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Tips to create a beautiful wall gallery

Tips to create a beautiful wall gallery

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In today’s DIY climate we have a few tips on creating a perfectly, well-balanced wall gallery that will add a touch of stylised class to your home. If it’s lining a hallway with frames to add interest to an area that would otherwise be bare, or creating an eclectic mix and match of vintage and new pictures, to add a funky factor - never be afraid to experiment. If you wish to add prints to a wall-papered area, be brave, as long as the colour scheme is somewhat balanced in tone, you cannot go wrong, as art, fortunately, is completely subjective.

Classics Portraits that make the Cut
Nothing beats a wall filled with precious family portraits of the children growing up. Or go the extra mile and pay homage to a favourite artist and frame a selection of their artwork, to create a feature wall that will have your guests completely engaged in the après dinner or cocktail conversation.

Images found at (left) (middle) (right) The Cromwell on display at The Address Point Cook

Monochromatic Masterpieces
Black and white prints or portraits are the most striking way to create a statement in the bedroom, especially when it comes to art work. When mounted and framed in matching prints, simple, but good quality frames in the same size, work best. Especially if you are wanting to create a real high end, galleria, wow factor in your inner sanctum.

Images found at (left) The Milano on display at Williams Landing Estate (right) The Bellmont on display at Woodlea Estate, Rockbank

Eclectic Eye Candy
Colourful prints with iconic landmarks, eloquent quotes and unusual pieces, like an arrow or even a coat hanger rack, tend to work best on neutral walls. Having a broad, blank canvas allows you to play with colour, symmetry (if using one large frame as your centre piece, hang it slightly off-centre, so it does not steal the show from all the other smaller frames) and add different shaped items for extra dimension. Some gallery walls are totally outside the box and work best in relaxed areas of the home, like the family room.

Images found at (left) (middle) (right) (far right) Carlisle Inspire Gallery

Hanging in the Hallway
The hardest part when creating your feature wall, is actually picking the prints and frames you wish to display. Keep the mood of the shots similar in style and tone, frames identical in shape and size and elegantly modest. Working with structure on a hallway wall, especially if it protrudes out, adds scope to your home and the portraits themselves, will provide a timeless sophistication to the area.

mages found at (left) (middle) (right) The Sheraton on display at The Address Point Cook

For a behind the scenes experience and to get the scoop direct from the design team, be sure to follow us on Instagram, @Carlislehomes.

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