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The Versatile Mason Jar

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The Versatile Mason Jar

The Versatile Mason Jar

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Mason Jars are no longer just about Nanna’s homemade preservatives. These nifty jars found everywhere from K-mart, Target, Ikea and Typo, have become a staple style statement. Whether it’s in the bathroom, kitchen, lounge room, or in the back yard on the patio, these jars have proven their practicality. This multipurpose product will get your artistic or resourceful mind thinking outside the jar and we’ve found four fantastic ideas that will see you stamp your own creative flair in your home.

Light Bulb Moment
Traditional light fittings are transformed with the use of mason jars in DIY projects that would have had Thomas Edison tickled pink. Etsy have a great range of rustic chandeliers that will give your home a magnificent ambience, as do Ikea, but if you have the inclination, the options are endless especially if you chose to use candles or fairy light globes.

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Blooming Essence of Life
Centre pieces are an elegant and inexpensive way of getting that wow factor on your dining room or patio table. Mason jars are a wonderfully handy alternative to traditional vases and allows you to create your own distinct, scented slice of paradise in your home. Everyone from florists to wedding planners have cultivated a niche market for this style, but it’s also an easy DIY if you just use your imagination.

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Ever-Lasting Evergreen
Add a splash of colour to your kitchen all year round with home-sewn produce grown in glass herb vessels. This clever use of the mason jars, is fresh, fabulous and flavoursome. Local nurseries are in on the trend if you don’t have the time to DIY. Either way, this idea is “mint” as the kids would say.

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Scent from Heaven
Candles offer an economical and romantic option for relaxing and enjoyment when it comes to detailing your home with useful, yet lovely pieces. They can release a beautiful aroma that freshens and fragrances the air while adding style and warmth to your home. You can never have too many candles in your home and mason jars are a fashionable counterpoint to the traditional scented candles on the market.

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